Final Invasion problems

Ending the invasion early was poorly communicated.

I missed it, but I get that it's on me. Tho I've been told the email from Thalia- the one that actually had text in it- was incorrect.

-Also those blank emails from Thalia on top of the hoards of emails from guild Courage.

However, if others were like me [or at least mad the same mistake], that left people with 40 courage hanging around with nothing to spend it on.
But wait... you so generously allowed us to convert it to stamina. All NINE COURAGE of it.
I'm sort of all or nothing on this- either don't make the offer or bump the max limit of Courage that can be spent on it.

Which brings us to the same problem with tickets.
Offering ten tickets per run was not only useless, it was insulting.
Like telling someone, 'if you run a marathon I have a nice shiny penny for you!'
Either don't offer tickets per run, or make the amount worthwhile for shop purchases.


  • At the very least make the boost multiplier also affect the number of tickets dropped. That would have helped a few more reach the useful tier of 1000 tickets.
  • Or have the better dungeons give more tickets: 10 for 1st dungeon, 25 for second, 50 for third maybe?
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