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...Is it true that if you have a team of Solaris, Grog, Julius, and one other Beast, that all Beasts will gain a 135% health increase? Julius adds 25%, Grog adds 30%, and Solaris says she adds 20% for each beast, to all beasts, so that's 80%, right?

I'm not complaining about that being unfair, I'm just wondering if that's how it works. For instance, it could be a LOT more horrifying than that, if the % health buffs added one after another, meaning a hero gets their health boosted by 80%, then by 25% and then by 30% to make their health 2.925 times higher than its original, as opposed to just 2.35 times higher (in other words, a 192.5% boost instead of a 135% boost).


  • Then have the last one be Bovus and you get another 15% on Bovus and GrogGnog
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