How does Hero Scaling and the Tower of Pwn work?

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I'm sorry if this has already been asked before, but I was wondering about how hero levels effect the scaling difficulty of the Tower.

Early in my DB career I developed a notion that leveling up my heros made the floors harder.

as I progressed through the game, I had extra heros at level 1 that I never bothered to upgrade, and I associated this aspect with the Tower seemingly easier to defeat.

so my question is this: is the difficulty of the Tower scaled to the average cumulative strength of your heros (hero level + stats), or is actually based on your developed level?

basically i've left a bunch of heros behind at level 1, with the notion that this makes the tower a little easier, but I've never proven this.
I would like to upgrade levels and stats on some of the low level heros I've collected, but I'll pass if it make the tower harder.


  • I have no idea since I just run through it without much attention everyday, would be cool if there was an endless mode of the tower. The player could switch between the 12 floors one and the endless mode. Endless mode would have the usual prizes until the player crosses floor 12 then you get like special rewards like skins or whatever. Maybe a Yorick skin once the player reaches floor 24 or something
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  • I don't believe anything affects the tower difficulty besides your level.

    And @ExtremeKorosPains, the Yorick skin originally had an astronomical price. Now you are proposing it be offered for basically 2 towers. If you said 240 floors, I still think it's a bargain.
  • I've noticed no difference when I threw a ton of runes on my previously unruned fliers during the last event (Torchy, Bauble, Furnace, Solaris). I also upgraded them, got Torchy's epic, etc. My team power grew quite a bit, but the tower is probably a bit easier because I have 4 more "good" heroes to throw at it.

    OTOH, I use MK, kai, SB and Koros and can almost auto-run without thinking (sometimes too many 1st slot MKs make me use bait heroes). Takes about 15 minutes at most, especially with the 2x speed.

    However, roster power does affect PvP matchups, so be warned if you want to do well there.
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    Yorick's skin was like, 40,000 Honor if I remember correctly. In the old days with honor, you might have gotten 2,000 a day if you worked hard. That's a tad bit less than how many PWNage points you get a day. So, by that logic, the price of the skin in PWNage points should be around 50,000. But I think many level 70 players would agree that the ToP is way easier than PvP. So, I think maybe that should bump it up to 75,000. If you saved all your points every day, you could get that in a month. Saving just 1,000 points a day would get you the skin in less than a quarter of a year. If you started saving for 75,000 points now (assuming you have nothing), you'd have enough for the skin by Christmas - and that's even giving you a little spending room.

    If it was ever put in the ToP, I think 75,000 would be a perfectly reasonable score.
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  • Well, I have 38k honor so I guess I will save until it appears in the shop again
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