Season of Courage and guilds

Shout out to Aura for capturing ss the final 4 [iirc] minutes of the season while I was desperately trying to stay at #100

This season's rune had electric skin, was fairly desirable. It was also where a lot of high end players found PVP becoming insanely easy due to matchmaking and beasts.

Gratz to Iiormugr from Potato Army for #1
They finished with 277 k trophies.

LC 21
UW 17
PA 16
AOA 10
JL 8
FB 7
Potato Mortis 5
Schwartz Rot Gold, Veni Vidi Vici, Anonymous=2
level50dailyplayersguild, JL2, French Touch, Legio Potato, House of Hades, Viking Berserkers, Mauling Ogres, Crown Capped, Italian Phoenixes, Legends and Friends=1

JL has been beating FB a lot these past few weeks. LC decided to return to top 100 with a vengeance, it's the highest placement I can recall, tho that's not definitive.

UW continuing to push strong, they had been averaging 12 or so before the past few weeks.

#100 finished with 121k trophies.
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