Friend/Guild PvP Battles

No rewards and no lost defense deductions, just allow players to attack guildmates' and friends' defenses to test PvP tactics and mess around with new teams without wasting resources.


  • This should have been a thing two years ago! :)
  • like friendly battles @Joel. You would get a better idea of what we are talking bout if you play clash royale
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  • I just signed on to suggest the same and was very happy to see this post! Such was a huge success to Clash of Clans and took tremendous pressure of GMs and officers to educate their members. It brought new life and comradery to the game, saved resources and expedited guild \ clan theory-crafting and strategy. This would be a HUGE win for DB and would make life so much easier for younger players \ guilds by alleviating the fears and stress that come with pvp at those lower levels.
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