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Getting the matchmaking right appears to be a near impossible task. Today, for instance, I seeing all 5000+ rune power teams again in all slots and opponents are still shifting between slots.

Roster power is pretty meaningless at this point. Even a few level differences don't matter very much. Everyone knows that rune power is the key factor. Why not just align the matchmaking to rune power of the teams on defense? I'm just making these numbers up, so maybe there are better thresholds, but for example: Easy matches are rune power 3500 or lower. Medium matches are rune power 3501 to 4500. Hard matches are rune power greater than 4500. This would be for level 65 to 70. The thresholds would be lowered for lower level players.

Seems like this would be easy to program and provide some consistency and predictability to the matchmaking.


  • 2-3 heroes set to max superiors the rest no runes.
    Re encourage bait teams without balancing that in somehow.

  • FoozleFoozle Member
    2-3 heroes set to max superiors the rest no runes.
    Re encourage bait teams without balancing that in somehow.

    Agree that would need to be considered, but I would think that given the current meta, facing a team that has 1 or 2 "no rune" heroes would be an easy win and provide a disincentive to someone putting up that defense, as they would be getting hammered regularly. On the other hand, top players won't want to attack easier teams so might be a way to avoid getting attacked, which is why they base placement on a subset of roster power. So, yeah, this might not work.

    Maybe as an alternative, use the threshold example I stated above to at least limit the appearance of super high rune power teams in the easy and medium slots. They could keep the current matchmaking, but then do a check of the defense's rune power and if over those thresholds, move them to the right, as appropriate. This way the only mismatch would be you still might have low rune power teams in the hard slot, but that is needed to prevent the bait/attack avoidance issue of high roster power players artificially putting in easy teams to avoid attack.
  • I think they way to do it is to make defense losses and wins count for more (maybe 0.5x offense wins and losses) and make E,M,and H purely based off of trophy counts in the level range. E=between 50% and 80% trophies, M=between 80% and 120% trophies, H=greater than 120% trophies. Obviously the numbers would need to be tweaked, and I don't have a solution for the top players to get a hard option. Also, there is still the problem of level 63-67 players getting raided excessively and this system would only make it worse.
  • After yesterday afternoon, I have to wonder if they really have a coherent system in place. I'm level 70, started off in Champion II for the season, my roster is 314K, I can easily slap together a 20K team, and for 8 or 9 of my 12 battles, I was offered NOTHING over a power rating of about 14K. My fiancee, on the other hand, is level 34, began the season in Brawler III, RP of 41K, the best team she can muster is around 7.5K, and the weakest team she was offered all day yesterday was also around 14K. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the matchups!
  • As much as I like this idea, the developers won't budge. Even if it's a good idea, if the majority of players don't want it, they won't put it into the game.
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