Boss 100 - show your rank/trophies and 100th place trophies at the top

@Joel and devs, is there a way to add at the top of the Boss 100 leaderboard what your current rank is with trophy count and who the 100th place person/trophy currently is?

This would help us not have to constantly scroll to the bottom to see what 100th place is. I'm currently like 74 right now with ~84K trophies and even though I'm pretty sure I will make the top 100 at the end of this season, I am constantly looking at 100th place to make sure I don't need to raid anymore. It kinda sucks having to scroll down so much just to check last place each time.

It'd be awesome if I could just go to the Boss 100 tab and see my current rank/trophies on the left of the "Boss Leaderboards" text the 100th place person to the right of the text.

You wouldn't need to show 1st place since you always see 1st when you go to the boss 100 tab.


  • Totally agree. Pain to have to scroll down to find yourself in the list as well.
  • KangKang Member
    edited October 2017
    Rank could be shown regardless of whether a player is in Boss 100 or not using the same layout as the player leaderboards for other quantities.

    It would also be fun to have your new rank displayed on the battle conclusion screen; iirc this was done under the old PvP system.
  • Totally agree re: the new rank being shown after a raid. That is much missed.
  • When I once attempted to get Boss 100, I was super discouraged for a few hours because I missed myself on the list and thought everyone had overpassed me, which was only partially true.
    +1 to the movements stated here.
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