Unable to purchase this seasons rune

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I am unable to purchase this season greater rune on my level 59 and 51 It doesn’t show up at all. However it’s available on my level 70 alt. Please fix this.

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  • I was coming here to post the same issue, so I'll add my screenshot as well. Lvl 55, currently in Legend 3. Last season, there was a Greater Rune available for purchase - is it intended that below 60 don't get the rune option?kwkg6mi5ko8i.png
  • I noticed last week I could buy the rune, so I saved up for this week. Now there's not even a rune tab in my shop. I'm level 53.
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    This rune is really good, so I understand your pain. Not sure what is causing it to happen, it is in my shop
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • What level are you @ExtremeKorosPains?
  • What level are you @ExtremeKorosPains?

    Lvl 60, not seeing superior runes which is expected
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • I think the issue is for us <60. @joel @eej can you elaborate on this?
  • Yea, I don't even have a rune tab this season (L55).
  • Same problem, is it simply unavailable to <60?
    I am level 58 and can't see it in the shop either
  • Looks like the Greater Runes are back in the Honor Shop for <60 this season at least
  • FYI, having the same issue here. Only thing in my dungeon shop are Greater Binders/Shards for 10K honor
  • I don't think the blues read threads in this category unless I post something in it.
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    Why was that flagged for spam? ^^^

    Edit: wait a second isn't Veronica bvs' wife or something? What is going on?
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  • @farfella, I got my wife to flag it to help make sure the blues read the thread that was in the wrong category. She did comment but apparently she is ghosted for some reason. And here I thought I was the bad one.
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