Guild games are here!

Since I'm not a dev, this post isn't blue.
Please feel free to color your screen with a marker.

[insert ss of newest banner. Make sure there's no massive spelling errors because then you'll have to go back and reedit this post]

Go kill enemies in PVP for a nifty rune and weird skin.
Also Solaris tokens.

But we've decided to temporarily nerf the beast team to make it less difficult, or more difficult, take your pick, by reducing aoe damage by 50% and giving slow heroes Aegis Shield in a vain and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to get people to use slow heroes [since all the useful ones do aoe damage]

Also, no streaking, and you can earn event tickets in some mysterious way we won't tell you about. They'll just show up.

Finally, we've set it up so you can spend lots of gems to win the event!

Have fun!

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