[Update 2: COMPENSATION SENT] KNOWN ISSUE: Missing Event Tickets

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Hey Guys,

We're aware of an issue with some players missing event tickets. We're actively looking into it now. Please do not message Customer Service for the issue at this time.

Update: We are looking into how to comp players. We likely won't have the data needed to send compensation until Monday. Per normal events with event shops it will be open until 1PM PST on Tuesday to allow time to spend tickets.


EDIT (10/3 2:10pm CST)
We have sent ticket compensation to all players who participated in the event prior to the tickets being lost. The number of tickets we have sent exceeds the number that players would have been able to actually get if they and all of their guildmates had completed all of Thursday's ticket quests. We know that this situation caused a great deal of frustration and anger from players and apologize for the inconvenience.
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  • thanks - looking forward to resolution so we can continue with this event!
  • Some of my guild mates and I are also missing our event tickets. Hopefully it gets solved.
  • Do I have to return @FatCat69’s event tickets? I already spent them.
  • Thank you :)
  • bvs72 wrote: »
    Do I have to return @FatCat69’s event tickets? I already spent them.



  • All my Event tickets have also disappeared. From general chat "most" have lost tickets rather than "some". Hopefully we will get the appropriate compensation (although not sure how devs know who has been affected)
  • They were gone as soon as you exited / restarted your client. People with warning that hadn't recently force quit (we all do fairly regularly because of the slowdowns / crashes in PVP) were the only ones who might have been able to spend them prior to loss. Even they would have lost all remaining tickets when they restarted their clients.
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    Fantastic! The Monday comp will come just in time to help us buy up the "5 raid tickets for 500 shop tickets" deal to help us run the PvP event... Bravo.
  • Yeah, maybe they should have delayed this event for two months like the Boss Guild Games. Looking forward to getting my tickets back.
  • I lost my tickets too i had over 8500 tickets, was saving for assassin shadowblade skin, please compensate
  • I completed all of yesterday's Event Quests, claimed them all and didn't use a single ticket. How many would I have lost? Some are suggesting 11,000? I honestly paid ZERO attention to the number, as I always just let them build until the end of the event. (that said, I understand that there might have been some useful stuff FOR this event in the Shop).

    Of course, there would have been a bunch from my Guild-Mates, too. We could earn, what, 30 from each of the remaining 49? So that's potentially only another 1,500. Or maybe 1,470. I'm not too concerned about that gravy. It's the base 11k (?) that I'm most concerned about...

    Stay cool, Folks. DB has a pretty good record for fair compensation.

    And Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks!

  • Great.. so now we have to use our gems instead of tickets for raid tickets.. compensation needs to be a cart full of gems gems!! Sorry but how can this happen??! Recent events have shown us you're just trying to run our ressources low (gems and portal summons) so we need to buy the gem packs to keep up in the game to be a high performer.
    Sorry @Victoria but there a been too may errors lately..
  • Yea this definitely sucks. I really hope you guys are able to give us all back the right amounts.
  • Right around 10K.
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    what this is! Not a big fan of PvP to begin with. But I did the events to try and help out my guild and all my hard won event tickets just disappear?!?!?!?! This is what happens when unpaid interns do the coding! Get it together DB. Like Skip said, just give everyone the 1st day worth of tickets to cover this mess you just made!!!!

    @Joel @Eej @Victoria
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  • Ok just give us some guild points. 10k event tickets is 100 raids, this means 16000 trophies in legend with no losses. I'm fine with 15000 guild points. Thanks.
  • 10k tickets = 100 raids tickets. There’s your fair compensation. Since the only thing we were all using it for was raid tickets. I’m a drunk and can figure that out.
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    how about instead of worrying about "the data", just do the right thing and send the full day's tickets to every player to use as they see fit.

    Because many of us had tickets left over from yesterday!! Also, our guilds ALSO sent us tickets... We'd lose out, BIG TIME, many of us.

  • Skip, that is actually not a bad idea. I have yet to get home and access DB (but I set things up so when I tap on the icon it will download the days new quests, etc.) so it sounds like I lost what I believe is at least a few thousand tickets (I think I was close to 4K tickets at least...was gunning for more Shadowblade tokens as I have yet to max him along with lots of other characters out).
  • You guys should not wait until Monday to correct this error! Give us the full day of the event tickets as they suggested from earlier posts and we can move on.
    This is very disappointing to say the least!

    Probably one of their tactics for us to use our gems and or spend money to be on top. Shame on you guys!
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    Really hope the tickets don't disappear anymore during this event!
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  • Wow. There are a lot of people who are really upset about this. I, too, lost tickets, but I'll trust you guys will figure out a way to compensate us. You've done a pretty good job of it in the past so I'm not too concerned about this problem.

    Thanks for looking into it and keep up the good work.
  • The issue isn't that they won't eventually fix it. You're right that they've been good about that tommmmm. The issue is that a lot of folk planned on using the event tickets to buy raid tickets for the event...which will be over on Monday. Especially with the increased prices of everything else in the event ticket shop, this leaves us with basically nothing to bother even spending the event tickets on =(.
  • Guess I get to join the fun: Has the error been fixed or stopped? What happens when we earn more tickets? Should we ACCEPT tickets sent to us in email?

    I just checked and have 518 tickets.

    I had at LEAST 10K plus some time yesterday.

    If in fact it was due to my accepting an email all someone had to tell me was not to do that.

    Now I don't have tickets to spend during the event. Its not the end of the world, but it kinda does dampen the event a tad.

    In order for DB to compensate me properly are they going to be able to total up the tickets I had earned and the tickets that had been given to me? Do they know whether the error is continuing or has stopped?
  • Many of my guild members and I have had tickets set to zero with the start of day 2 event.

    Also disappointed in the amount of event tickets that can be earned each day. Seems low since there are 2 skins to buy in the shop as well as all the materials etc.

    The prizes are also poor. Apart from a new skin the reward is not much different than completing a PVP season. In light of the amount of gems players are using up the prizes need to be a bit more generous esp to 1st place.
  • This is totally unacceptable. I personally was relying on spending reward tickets for raid tickets. My guild (Conspiracy) is currently in 35th place on the leader board. We've already secured the 200k point reward. I can't see asking my members to continue to push hard and dig into their pockets to buy extra raid tickets that they should have been able to buy with reward tickets.

    If we fall out of the top 50 so be it. The difference is only 5 Solaris tokens and getting a Greater Heroic rune instead of a Greater Legendary one.
    Yeah, this screw up made us take a closer look at how weak the reward was for considerably much more effort. It's also pushed some of our members who weren't too keen on PVP in the first place to the edge of "rage quitting".


    I'm instructing our members to play however much or little they care to for their own benefit, but in no way should they expend any extra effort or resources to benefit the guild's standing on the leaderboard.
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