Raining defenses, I mean, wtf?

first, I am not sure if this qualifies as a technical issue, it could be anything ..
but its absolutely not just my bad luck ..


the amount of defenses I got this event, far exceeds the total amount of defenses I got since I started playing this game, and its wasting too much trophies I can't keep up with ..

I have contacted support about the problem before, it wasn't this severe then, but all they came up with is that they have scanned my account and they've found no problems .. that doesn't look there are no problems :D

please re-scan it, you'll find something somewhere :D



  • BarleymanBarleyman Member
    edited October 2017
    I feel your pain, I've already been attacked more than ten times this season. Eleven so far, actually.

    Still, your win percentage on defense is better than mine. On offense too.

    There are of course a lot more raids going on because of the event, so that might explain the uptick.
  • There are some weird things in matchmaking that cause certain players to be heavily targetted.
  • Already at 1300 defenses .. can't help but wonder why does my name pop up as the difficult option to level 70 players, while I am just level 66 ..

    Not to mention the frequency of appearance, as long as I am active or hitting PvP I am constantly attacked .. vo1vz87f0pf1.png
  • Matchmaking is still clearly not working properly, so it is a shame they counted defensive losses against players. Maybe they should have just capped the loss to X amount instead of unlimited on the defense side to the issue. It seems to be more prevalent at levels below 70.

    In general things aren't quite right. On Thursday night/Friday morning, 90% of the time my choices for all three slots were 5000+ rune power teams. Then on Saturday afternoon/evening, they were more in the 3000 to 4000 range for all three slots. Sunday evening (now), all my choices are again 5000+. When I beat a hard team on the right, the two on the left just shift over to the right.

    Hopefully there will be a fix at some point.
  • Yea this is totally awful, level 70s are matched against lvl 64-69 and lvl 64-69 are matched against lvl 70s. Fixed matchmaking... yea right...
  • Okay even I will admit that is a bit rediculous.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • @Joel can you please look this up ?
  • this event, and recent tweek to match making has made me a whipping boy this season as well. First time for me! :smile:

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • Being attacked 1300 times does suggest that just perhaps the tweaks to matchmaking haven't really achieved what was intended.

    One easy fix is to stop the trophy losses if attacked, as long as you have protected your chest. Then being attacked a lot might actually benefit the victims, as they'd still gain trophies on defensive wins.

    I'm only Legend II, I don't really enjoy PvP that much and generally just burn my tickets and have done. I've been attacked 18 times this season.

  • FatCat69FatCat69 Member
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    I’m at 104 defenses for the season. I just attribute the high counts to the fact that there were so many raid tickets available. Look at the raid counts in the Boss 100. All those wins had to come from defenses somewhere.
  • the problem is that support still thinks there is no problem, well, they wouldn't know !

    the devs have alot on their hands to work out, this is just but one tiny problem for them .. yet, they don't give it enough thought !

    there should be rules to workout the differences created by the huge gap between two consecutive levels, less trophies loss for example if none in case the attacker is 3-4 levels higher for example, a maximum count for defenses per hour then a protection is applied on the account targeted for a short period of time that either stops the account from showing up again during that period for other players to attack, or to stop losing trophies during that period .. I wouldn't mind a million hits on me, but if its gonna stop me from competing with others fairly then what do we call it of not a great malfunction ?

    it doesn't stop there, one of the days I kept my chest protected 24 hours, only to find at least 2 or 3 hits stealing from my rewards, so even the minor honor protection has its bugs ..

    and it seems like none of the mods on the forum is interested in the subject .. so disappointing !
  • Let's get something straight. Volume of attacks is the problem. Nobody should be getting attacked 1000 times per season. I think we are all in agreement here.

    Individual matchmaking itself is not the problem. Levels have very little to do with the difficulty of the match up. Otherwise, if levels were so important, the OP would not have a 24% defense win rate. That is comparable to the defensive win rate of most level 70's. Team composition, runes, and stars all have much more impact on the difficulty of a match.
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