So is Takumi getting buffed anytime soon???

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I just started playing the game again, Ekko got YET another update, Stone Fist got a pretty decent buff, Jabber found a useful niche and several new needlessly OP heroes with almost endlessly interesting kits were released, which brings me to the focus of this thread, throughout this whole time, Samurai Takumi has been the most consistently useless hero in the game, even Sifu Jihanzi who is older than time itself has his own niche of eviscerating a dark hero with his Feet of Fury, but I've never built a team and thought to myself, hey, this team could use Samurai Takumi, Stone Fist can spread the chill debuff easily, is way tankier and does more damage, King Yorick buffs his team and debuffs his opponents better than Takumi and is also way tankier, Takumi finds himself in the unenviable situation of being the middle ground between Yorick and Stone Fist and not really beating either of them at what Takumi is meant to be good for, hell, if you want to bring up perfect swing, just use Valkin instead, hes way more useful, when a hero has no discernable niche and you have no reason to use them, that generally means said hero needs a buff, or in this case, a drastic change in mechanics. Please show Takumi some love, I picked his skin for the 2nd anniversary because it was awesome and I'd love to use it sometime.
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Buff Takumi, Balog and Alexandros.


  • u r kozar enthusiast but u focus on sifu & samurai. Would love to see samurai in pvp so he could destroy the flying bucket of kfc fried chicken but i guess we need to balance balog so he could silence le beasts
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