I dislike PvP Guild Games

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Yep, I seriously dislike this PvP Guild Game.
Too much of the same boring grind, no win streaks (which is infuriating, need to go to legend 1), and the rewards really isn't worth the time.
We all know that LC will win, let's just give up ffs, it's not worth that edgy title.
Event tickets disappeared.
I know they said that this was a bug and that they're fixing it, but it's been a couple days since they've said that and I still haven't gotten my tickets.
When this event shop closes and I still haven't gotten my tickets, I expect a good compensation, I need those Hopper tokens to star her up.
And let's be honest, the rune you work your a** off for isn't that worth it.
But the skin.......the skin, what on earth were you thinking devs, this is the worst skin by far.
It's just a crown on Phenol's head!
How uncreative can you get?
It's only about 16 minutes until the grand tourney ends *thank god*.
If the Phenol skin is literally what it shows in the rewards area, I will be highly disappointed.
This post is under the feedback area, so I hope it will go through some devs mind.
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