Ban from PvP

Besides all the unfair advantages of pvp and now of passive solaris, should begin to remove characters from pvp since there are things that are absolutely absurd and many of those cases have been exposed in this section.

More recently I realized that solaris does not care if it is frozen or not and continues to attack and revive its allies, did they really believe that all these things were a good idea?

I like to play pvp, but now all are absurd defenses of: shade, hopper, some beast and solaris full of runes with damage reduction that makes practically immortal those defenses in addition to the last event I spend more than 80k gold in refreshing opponents just to dodge the thousands of equally absurd defenses.

I feel sick to have to use the same defense only to try to protect my honor and not defeat me 30 times as the first days that established the kingdom of terror of hopper and solaris.2lgdizbuw3fx.jpg
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