Suggestions to Change MK (Not to Nerf him!)

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Okay, Nya can rest easy now because I no longer consider MK a huge threat. But I do think he could use some changes. As in, things that would still keep him as a powerful hero but would make it a little easier to predict him. For starters:

Death Blossom:
Death Blossom is fine the way I see it. If anything, I'd make it so the second hit on every enemy can't Crit, and that the first hit on every enemy has an extra chance to Crit.

Vibrating Palm:
I think MK should lose Wushu. As a passive. But instead, Vibrating Palm would give him Wushu for 3 turns after it's used. It could be called Channel Spirit or something, and be made into a Spirit attack. Seriously, what's a "chi attack"? Like I know what Chi is but what's the point in making just this one ability it's own type of attack?

Dim Mak:
Let's talk about Tenacity. I don't like it. Not that it's unfair, but it's unpredictable. Messes my strategy up not only when I'm fighting MK, but when I'm using him, too! I think Tenacity should be removed, but then given as a buff for 2 turns after Dim Mak is used. Then! Then change what Tenacity does! I think Tenacity should be a GUARANTEED attack, at the end of every turn it's active, but MK can only use basic attacks with it, and Epic attacks can't proc from it either.

Additionally, MK could start every dungeon with Tenacity and Wushu applied for 1 turn each.

Please tell me your thoughts!


  • RE Vibrating palm: In my opinion one of the coolest abilities around, being able to pierce literally anything except Abs of steel.
    Wushu is better moved to Sifu or something, MK can't have all of the cool tools.

    I'd rather not fondle around with his dodge since that's kind of what makes him a rogue. (Even though you didn't propose any change to that, I know. Just cofirming.)

    Different Idea for Tenacity: Procing it off Dim Mak seems fine, but instead make it so the next basic attack does +100% damage and if he holds his epic weapon upgrade it to guarantee an epic attack on the next basic, which would be kind of cool imo. And yes I know, after that change it couldn't really be called Tenacity.
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    His epic needs a nerf. Ill do that math for ye. 4x damage, (While every other epic would one have 3x damage kek) 8x damage if crits. 24x if crits on a undead. 12x if he doesnt. This one shots any dark hero right off the bat. Now if bacon is present, now anyone hit by the epic attack is one shot right off the bat on a crit (excluding furnance) even if ferno is there. I understand epic attacks were supposed to be op, but 4x damage on a hero that was already broken overpowered. That kind of damage one shots boss mode epic bosses, not even talking about if buffs / magnified light is added. If his is gonna be that overpowered, at least buff some epics like emily's or nitpicks, or (insert hero with useless epic) Squinch doesn't even do additional damage i believe, just 3 hits that an apply any 3 debuffs.
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  • Okay, Nya can rest easy now because I no longer consider MK a huge threat.

    Yeah, Solaris took that whole 'MK is OP' meme and dumped it out the window.
  • I kinda like him the way he is tbh. Makes him a bit complex for my taste.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
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