Is this still a thing?

Words cannot describe my anger...

I was on win streak 46 when my game just crashed, no error codes or whatever. I entered a match and all of a sudden, game closes. Then I thought I could just re-enter the game and continue the match but then I saw that I lost some trophies. "Please be a lost defence", this phrase was repeating itself whiles I was going to click the raid button. BUT NO it counted as a loss and I lost my beautiful, gorgeous win streak of 46. I haven't even unlocked the merciless win streak achievement

Actually you know what screw this, this is more important:
Mock exams finished...Im back!


  • I haven't had it happen in a few weeks. I was hoping an update had fixed it.
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    This has happened to me numerous times in the past. The problem seems to have greatly improved and did not happen at all in the last couple of seasons.

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