Sir William rework+epic idea

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I already made one of these for Abigail and I thought: sure, why don’t I make another.
So here is my rework + epic idea for Sir William:

The vanguard(1A): allies have a chance to follow up special and epic attacks
Animal tamer(1A): beasts and monsters deal 25% less damage to all allieas and has a chance to revenge any attack done by them on allies
Iron will(2A): cannot be killed while above 50% hp and gains massively increased defence(150%) when below 50%
Your bad(2A): heal for 5% of missing hp whenever you revenge an attack or an ally follows you up

Add-up(replaces smack down): give your team a buff that causes the next basic attack to deal bonus, non-elemental damage. Then attack the targeted enemy, debuffing them to take more damage from empowered attacks(bonus increases with each hit), debuff lasts 2 turns. 4 turn cooldown

Spade blade: buff allied defence by 50%(100% for water), then attack the enemy for 2x damage and provoke them.
Buffs attack, skill and health

Tell me what you think!
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