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  • echonapechonap Member
    They said May, but they didn't say May 2018. So when hero sorting comes out in May 2025, the devs were not lying.
  • Shelved guild boss invasion for new hero release....
    Does that mean. Permanently or temporarily?
  • coneyKconeyK Member
    My proposed additions to the next docket:

    1: can you please put some basic event on during the first half of the week?

    2: a serious discussion on the proposed solution to Solaris, and why that sort of thing is unsustainable.
  • pcg0dpcg0d Member

    Can we have a 10x Honor Summons in the portal?
    I’d like that too. Takes client work to get that together and there are some bigger performance stuff we want to address with the portal while we break that open. As most are quite aware, it isn’t the most responsive system in our game. :) Along with that, we have some long-term changes that we want to do with the portal but that won’t be happening for at least several months. So not in next 2 releases.
    Can we have 10x VIP Summons in portal?
    See #1
    What happened to this said on Jan 8th?
    A timeline for when new heroes get added following their release.
    We are internally discussing Hero release flow later this week. I hope to be able to communicate that to everyone in our next Summit. Our goal is for there to be some consistency in how heroes get released into the game and their transitions to game features over time. (e.g. event release, guild event, VIP, heroic, My dungeon, ToP, Aether, dungeons etc.) that isn't the release plan, just example of what i mean.
    Until content expansion gets out there, the latter half of the release plan is up in the air given that the content expansion will change about 90% of all dungeons in the game in some way. That said, the early part of the plan is already in use which is: Hero calendar event, Guild event, VIP portal, Heroic Portal. Once we get the content expansion out there with all of the hero tokens, evo & material redistribution in place, we will revise the latter planning.
    Can we add Elite Shards to the Honor shop?
    I will (already have) send this note to the team.
    Update on the changes to the crown tournament that were proposed previously? I would like to hear some concrete details about exactly how it will work, when it will go into effect, etc.
    Spec hasn’t changed from what I generally stated a few summits ago. Really it is the complexity of testing and some back-end stuff we need in place to allow guilds to better function when the event is running (what happens if people leave in the event, jump in/out, payouts, max player entries logic etc).
    In Game mail: Can we have ability to see the “Sent” messages? We have no way of knowing if we sent one, especially if they don’t reply.
    I see the benefit but it’s not easily managed. What i think we need to do better is make it clear to the player when they have sent something that violated the content filtering system. I think if we made that more apparent to the sender, it’d solve most of the concerns you have and get you an update faster then it would for a sent message system. Can look at noting what text caused filter to fire off. The way the system works, there is some decent work to get that info back to the client so it isn't anything we can just magically make work in a day.
    Thank you for more reward tiers for Individual events. Can we have that for guild events too?
    Next event will have Guild thresholds but don’t think we went deeper then last time. Will update them as we get to them, but we are happy we could pull it off for this past weekend and the team has a note to have more tiers for future events.
    This is a reminder that they had agreed to share rewards levels and prizes with us the night before an event so we can do our planning?
    I think I noted that we will try to call out what the event is the day before and what it may involve (guild/individual/competitive/threshold). Not sure we will talk about specific prizes and/or thresholds prior to event. There needs to be some excitement about logging in to see what the event is. :-)
    ***Right now priority has been the hero release (this week), Content expansion. Most other items get worked on here and there but given time, can take a back seat to the key items we are working on.

    ***Content expansion ran into a few hiccups as we've tried to get the new environment plugged in. GIven the hero release this week, it won’t happen during that.

    ***Checking out the tower quest: It is going to be playing a dungeon OR mark as complete if you try to open Tower and it is already completed for the day.

    *** Im stepping back from saying dates on anything. It is engineer to do it but we have some important deadlines for game code that has the bulk of our engineers focused atm. I wish it was because of new features etc but unfortunately just "stuff" the apple/google/various territories have put in place and therefore us having to meet those requirements. I will state dates when i know them :-)

    ***New Hero. I think everyone knows he is Green Legendary...Barbarian! "DRAKK". All barbarians will be getting a rework this week. FYI, that also means we are announcing who actually ARE Barbarians. We're making three other heroes that do not have a family into Barbarians, and they will all get reworks and Barbarian passives so they're a complete team right out of the gate. :) DRAKK is the very rare Warrior class. VIP 10's will find out on Wednesday when they will get him unlocked for FREE and are safe to upgrade him. Event will start on Thursday where ALL can unlock him.

    ***This week's event: Winterfest style - 14 doors. Hero event similar to last time although there are few changes. I think we added 1-2 addl repeatable quests that will show up during the middle of the event. We also changed the gold key quest. There is a repeatable quest now where every 9 Gold keys you spend, you will get an Elite/Superior/Greater rune (depending on player level). We also will release a new dungeons every few days instead of all dungeons at the beginning. We will have an event after the hero release but the amount of tokens and how they are obtained can differ. Usually guild related but could be a guild competition or could be thresholds that determine how many tokens (if any) you may get.

    ***Leo Skin: Oh yeah. That happens later today. :-) Just log in and hit the CLAIM button :)

    ***Boss mode dungeons released: Sometime in May is the best I'm willing to commit to atm.
    On topic of Boss Mode, reminder it isn’t just the level 71-80 content. It also includes:
    redistribution of hero tokens throughout all modes
    redistribution of materials throughout all modes
    redistribution or adding evos throughout all modes
    updating the Power of STARS as part of the combat formula, basically raising the power of 5 & 6 stars in particular to make the investment of tokens more proportional to the power it gives
  • I can’t believe they announced Drakk in the summit.

    Ah, at least barbarians are the stars for this event! :smiley:
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  • So that means Balog, Abigail....who else?
  • coneyKconeyK Member
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    So we’re doing the Winterfest cash-grab every time a new hero comes out now?

    I’m pretty tired of it already. How does everyone else feel about this prospect?

    Also, Balog and Abigail are definitely 2/3 Barbarians. They said that all 3 heroes becoming barbarians are currently without a family, which should make it a lot easier to find the 3rd. Sifu? Kai? Yoko? Astrid? Were it not for the no-family restriction, my pick would’ve been Kozar...
  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    Balog, Abilgail and maybe Brom? He seems like he would be a barbarian. Could be Tsume even though he has his class already.
  • StinkyStinky Member
    What's wrong with the Winterfest formula? In the Agnon release event, I was able to get enough tokens to unlock every door with silver, except for the, what, three gold keys that were available without paying real money for (one of which was given to us for free, iirc). I came away with a five star Agnon and bunch of good loot as a reward for playing the game a lot; I can't say I feel hard done by.
  • coneyKconeyK Member
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    Balog, Abilgail and maybe Brom? He seems like he would be a barbarian. Could be Tsume even though he has his class already.

    Brom is undead - he has a family already. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s Kai. That’d give us Blue/Green/Red/Purple for a family, with a Fast Caster, Warrior, and Warrior Tank, in addition to whatever the new guy is.
  • WilbeanWilbean Member
    Abigail, Balog, and... my vote is on ... Bovus. He's the most barbarian-like of any of the other heroes and he could easily be a barbarian beast warrior.

    I hope this barbarian class has nice synergy. I've always been fond of Abigail and she's been fairly useless for a long time. Balog, IMHO, has always been useless so it might be interesting to see/use him on a team.
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    Hey all! I'll ask that you please move speculation to a different thread. This is supposed to be for the summit updates :)
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