New Question & Answer Process Replaces Weekly DB Guild Summits



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    @Stinky - join Line. It seems selecting targets there is so much easier.
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    bvs72 wrote: »
    I would like to go to the new SCG group but apparently it is even more exclusive.

    When your own guild member calls you exhausting, do you wonder why you're being excluded?

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    reading through the latest summit (had a meeting, missed it live, wish i had been there to give voice to the "little people"), i was deeply disappointed by the direction the CT is headed.

    most disappointing, is DB_SC's tone deaf assertion that many guilds already have 240 as their minimum.. no, they don't.. the TOP GUILDS already have 240 as their limit, but everyone else is scrambling every week to fill up the roster after someone else quits for another guild, or had to be kicked because they missed the 210 mark. one of the MAJOR problems that is still being overlooked is the requirement to do all quests (all or nothing) to get crowns.

    yes, it's not hard, i do it all before i even roll out of bed, but that's not everyone, and things happen. making it all or nothing means that you HAVE to dedicate a chunk of time EVERY DAY, you can't just do a few quick ones for 3-4 days, and do them all on the other 3-4 days. you may not think so, but you are changing the system toward one that is very much a "hard core" gamer model.

    i have been less and less inclined to play the game. i'm sitting on a ton of resources; given up on a new aether hero; hero sorting; etc.

    soon™ - it's the answer to everything
  • I want to chime in that I also hate and have hated the current crown system since it was changed. Having to do every quest daily sucks. I barely have time to play this as much as I love it and I would like to play other games on nights I leave work and not have to worry about doing everything before midnight. I can't exactly wake up and get everything done right there all the time and some days I'm just barely getting it done before the reset. It's not hard to get all the crowns, just not user friendly right now having to do every quest, even with that speed glitch from PvP to make quickloot/menu browsing quicker.
  • Any summary log from the 20th?
  • Summits only happen every other week :smile:
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  • Thanks @sirolk99. My answer wasn’t there. Probably because my question wasn’t there.
  • There should've been another summit by now, correct?
  • On Monday, Sept 10th 2018 was the last summit

    In case anyone want to read about it:
  • Once again DB makes their stance on cheating(using bots) very clear. “It’s fine as long as you spend money.”
  • bots are ok, problem is in modified versions of game clients, like anyone can download it and for example one shot any of your heroes in pvp even if he is lvl 30 and your lvl is 80.
  • Bots are not okay.
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