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  • I have been a monthly $2.99 contributor since the game left Beta. Will not buy the new packs. Have just today heard from 3 other players that have always purchased the $2.99 deal each month and they will not be getting any of the replacements. I realize $2.99 is not much but it is better than zero.
  • Joel wrote: »
    We set our prices in USD, and regional app stores convert prices to those prices in different regions based on exchange rates, taxes, and other factors, but we do not set different prices for different regions.

    This is literally the only response you have, I understand you’re doing what you feel is necessary to grow as a company but as a small business owner, I can tell you right now this marketing plan is an obvious screw you to your fan base as a whole. I’ve spent between 120-160 over the course of my playing DB not a lot but it’s what I was able to afford at the time, AT THE TIME. I stopped playing for awhile, gained a better career and was more than happy to come back to the game and rage, after seeing these blatant disregards for the players, I won’t be spending another cent. But I will play as often as I can and enjoy the free servers and game updates ;-)
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