Nerf Shade, but spare him the MK Hammer

MK finally got his nerf, a couple of months after he was made redundant in PVP anyways. And boy, was he nerfed hard. Technically, he's not bad, but he's a shadow of his former self.
The smart money says that the no longer VIP, Shade, is the next guy to get hit. He's even more op and pvp has been a Shade on Shade affair for way too long. I look forward to more balanced Shade, but please, nerf with moderation. I suggest two small changes that will leave him very powerful, but more manageable.

1. Remove 'turn a blind eye", at least for basic attacks and haunted pasted. There are several ways to start auto tanking now and being able to direct shade to your tanke makes it way easier to plan a battle.
2. Nerf shrouded. It's absurdly powerful as it is. Change immunity to debuffs to "just" impervious for all dark heroes. Still very powerful, but opens for several new strategis and the use of more heroes in pvp.

Make Undead Great Again


  • I would say keep blind eye but reduce his health pool, it is absurd for a fast caster. Please nerf shrouded it is way to powerful. However i wouldn't make it impervious since it doesn't give immunity to drenched from kai and that was the whole point of shroud. I would say just remove the damage reduction from shroud but keep the immunity to all debuffs
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  • My suggestion for Shade is that he cannot use Possession while he is Spirit Linking.
  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    Shade is perfect the way he is :)
    Spirits cannot be lured by taunting them foolish mortal! Dark heroes are obviously meant to be the strongest and most devious element of trickery in the dungeons. There was a time when even Ella was feared. Can't wait for a dark spirit construct. immune to melee damage, heals and empowers your team with dark aztec energy, reshrouds your team and I do mean non-dark heroes as well.
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