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So these three video's show a PvE scenario where this Bright Wisp is supposed to be "Lightning Immune" yet dies to three different lightning attacks:
Ekko's Epic

Electrical Storm

Shock Damage from an ally

Notice in the third video when the wisp dies from transferred shock damage "Lightning Immune" pops up, but the enemy still takes damage.

In all three cases the attacks should be lightning damage, yet this wisp dies to all three. So my initial reaction was that maybe something was just wrong with the wisp. So, I played around in pvp against an enemy Ekko, who is also supposed to be Lightning Immune.
PvP match: ekko vs ekko

My findings shown in the video:
(1) when I cast electrical storm against the enemy ekko - "lightning immune" DOES NOT show up
(2) when my ekko procs an epic on the enemy ekko - lightning immune DOES NOT show up
(3) when the enemy ekko attacks my shocked solaris, the shock damage hits my ekko - "lightning immune" DOES show up

One thing that cannot be ruled out here is that the enemy ekko has a high DR and that's why my damage is always zero.

(1) Why is "lightning immune" not showing up when I attack the enemy ekko with lightning attacks?
(2) Why is the Bright Wisp in PvE dying from all sources of lightning damage when it has a Lightning Immune passive?

What's going on here?
Does the latest introduction of "Light Damage" vs. "Lightning Damage" have anything to do with it?

Here is an image of Ekko's epic stat page showing the epic attack should be lightning damage:
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    I tried all three sources of lightning damage vs another Lightning Immune PvE enemy. The Divine Faithkeeper. Notice the same problems occur, she dies from all sources of lightning damage, and whenever shock damage is transferred from an ally of hers "Lightning Immune" pops up but she still takes shock damage and dies.

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    I just had a 10 minute match [shade, solaris, ekko vs solaris ekko] that I had no business winning.

    Theoretically this match is unwinnable because the only thing I could hurt the enemy Ekko with is Solaris with burn damage from Fire Bird (solaris first special), but the enemy solaris has two team healing moves that easily counters it.

    The only reason I was able to win was because when the enemy Solaris was shocked, Ekko takes damage from the shock when solaris is attacked. Even though "Lightning Immune" repeatedly flashes as he takes damage from the shock.

    I had to perfectly time my burn from Fire Bird and Electrical Storm while the enemy solaris had its healing abilities on cooldown and then pray to the RNG gods.

    Why is Ekko taking damage from shocked allies when they are attacked even though Lightning Immune is repeatedly flashing as the damage is occuring?
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    itirnitii wrote: »

    Why is Ekko taking damage from shocked allies when they are attacked even though Lightning Immune is repeatedly flashing as the damage is occuring?

    It’s a typo. They meant he’s immune to *LIGHTING*.

    He looks the same even in the dark.
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    This was a nice catch of some awful inconsistencies. I've cleaned this up, should be fixed and function as you'd expect soon! (tm)
  • You’re scaring me. Ekko may have just become OP.
  • thanks dillon appreciate the quick response and solution!
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