[RECRUITING] Beholder, Level: 25+ and CPW: 210+

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Beholder, a 9,000+ crown guild, is looking for members who consistently earn 210 cpw. Next week, we are aiming 10K+ crowns and top 100! If you are active and looking for top 100 guild, please contact Ylhos or Dodecapod (add friend in-game or line). Invites may be done after reset.

Beholder Guild Guidelines (as of 4 December 2017)
  1. Introduction. Beholder is a guild founded on 13 November 2017 aims to bring together players that thoroughly enjoy the game from all over the world. It maintains a casual outlook that does not excessively distract members from real life and yet competitive enough that rewards all members of the guild.
  2. Guild Goals. Guild Crowns per week (CPW) is 9,000. Bringing the average Individual CPW to 180.
  3. Communications. Chat and private message is available in-game. While limited in nature, the guild has not reached a point that necessitates a more advance mode of communication.
  4. Notice. While not expected, it is always greatly appreciated when officers are made aware of any events that may hamper a member’s attention to the game. It helps the officers understand your situation.
  5. Absence. The guild understands that real life may sometimes require your utmost attention. This is just a game, and when real life is calling out, we hope that you attend to it.
  6. Member ratings (crowns) – Ratings determine how many days of inactivity a member is given before being removed. At each crown reset, members are rated A, B, or C. Members achieving better than Guild Goals are rated A. Members achieving Guild Goals are rated B, and below Guild Goals are rated C. Calculations are pro-rated for new members.
  7. Removal from guild. A member may be removed from the guild in one of two ways. First, a member's rating (see Member ratings). Second, officers have determined that a member has caused or is causing tremendous grief to the wellbeing of a fellow member and/or the Guild.
  8. Officers. Managing a guild is a daunting task. As such the guild is always looking for active and reliable individuals that possess solid integrity. If you are interested and feel able to contribute in maintaining and/or improving the guild, please reach out to the guildmaster.
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  • Second week in, and we've reached 5,000 crowns. Now aiming 7,000. Contact Ylhos (in-game or line) if you can earn 140 cpw.
  • YlhosYlhos Member
    Third week in, and we've breached 7,000+ crowns. It looks like we will be finishing over 8,000+ crowns on reset.

    We are looking for more reliable and consistent players who earn 180+ cpw. Contact Ylhos (in-game or line).
  • Past 9k crowns on the fourth week. We are no attempting 10k crowns and top 100.

    Looking for solid players that can do 210+ crowns per week.
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