Force of Nature - stress free, low demand, yet top 50 helpful guild recruiting

We are a top 50 guild whose goal is to stay top 50 while making it as easy on everyone as possible. Most of the good rewards are top 50 and we meet those goals when good prizes are on the line. We have low minimums and dont force you to spend money or blow a weekend grinding. We have a private facebook group which imo is our bread and butter. We are very helpful and informative and push a no stress environment.

We accept any level as long as you're a 210 minimum crown earner. Our guild games/events minimums are low, they are usually determined to be low enough to place top 50 or meet the good prize of the event.

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We are always recruiting every couple of weeks so leave a comment here and we'll hold a spot for you.


  • do you have a spot for me? i am looking for a better guild!
    Level: 70
    Normal: 141/141
    Challenge: 141/141
    Boss: 53/68
    Trophies: 299k
    Power: 234k
  • Is this top 50 still the case after the daily quest change? My close to top 100 guild kinda died after those changes.
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