Solaris and Grog Gnog.

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I have recently got both of these heroes in the past week. I have gotten my Grog up to 4 stars but with no ascension. My Solaris is still 3 stars but nearly fully ascended (just need a few more monarchs.) I am planning to go for a nice beast team for pvp. But who do i rune first and what's the best way to get improved, greater or superior runes? (Keep in mind i am only lvl 39.) Also looking for a good pvp team.

I normally use these heroes.

Igorok 1A 3*
Pontifex 2A 5*
Shade 2A 3*
Shadowblade 1A 4*
Solaris 1A 3*
Grog NA 4*
Goretusk 1A 3*

I also have daeris (but is pretty useless because i havent starred her or ascended her) and can get zomm and instantly 4* him and get him up to his 1A.
I want yoko back


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