Light revamp

first aria because she is way to weak for all of the celestial evos she costs... she deserves to be stronger then shade

0 ascensions:

Provoking poke applies daze if the target is already provoked

Sand in eyes is replaced with Defensive position

purge offensive position if possible,reduce attack by 20% and increase dodge chance by 40%, transform this ability into Offensive position (Upgrading this trait reduces attack reduction and increases dodge chance, lasts 2 turns and reverts when the buff expires))

Offensive position- Purge defensive position, double damage dealt, reduce dodge chance by 30% and transform this ability into defense position

New Passive! Light footed I

Light heroes have 10% increased dodge chance to Attacks that attack more then 1 person

1st ascension:

New Passive! En Guard

When a Light hero dodges all light heroes gain a stack of En Guard (retaliates that many times when attacked, and dodges,each stack increases defence by 10%, and consumes all stacks when retaliating)

Light footed II

Light heroes have 20% increased dodge chance to Attacks that attack more then 1 person

Replace hurricane flurry with On the attack

double Retaliation bonus damage, apply provoke to all enemies, and give light heroes haste (Starts powered 7 energy)

2nd ascension:

Light footed III

Light heroes have 30% increased dodge chance to Attacks that attack more then 1 person

New Passive! Great Sensei

your other light heroes gain 1 energy when dodging

Replace Primed twist with Ready for Action

Gain a stack of En Guard for each provoked enemy, then attack all provoked enemies for each stack of En Guard on Aria


Enlightenment starts powered but heals instead of granting haste


1. Now a warrior in addition to being a tank

2.his basic attack is replaced with reflective wall which applies damage reflection to all allies for 2 turns and gains a stack of Charged Up

3. He now has an ability called reflective cannon which purges the damage reflection on all allies and deals damage equal to the amount of damage reflected by it, Gain A stack of charged up( 0 energy)

4. Shocking grasp is replaced with Charged up- Increases attack, grants chance to shock, allows attacks to deal splash damage (stacks up to 10 times)

1st ascension

New passive! Tech Buster

Deal 2x damage to constructs

Replaces shield bash with Scrap Attack

Attacks target, if target is a construct, if this kills the construct absorb the parts ( so he will gain all of the passives, stats, and the construct won't be revivable (If this doesn't kill then this instead applies un-healable damage and gain maximum health equal to damage dealt) 3 energy

Second ascension:

New passive! Excess Power

Special attacks effects repeat on random targets for each stack of Charged up (so scrap attack will also attack a random enemy up to 10 times for each stack of charged up, each effect will proc if it kills or attacks a construct, reflective cannon will deal its damage it dealt to the first target to random targets for each stack of charged up, this will still grant a stack of charged up, these still deal splash damage, and has a chance to shock

Replace taunt with In my sights

gain taunt, a defense buff, and double all bonus damage for allies (so hunter passives, attack buffs, ect.)


feet of fury becomes his basic attack,

His special attack becomes Ancient healings

Heal a medium amount, switch sides with your current basic attack 4 energy

All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar and Jabber
I am trying to make this game a better place for all to enjoy!


  • any other ideas anyone wants to add?
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar and Jabber
    I am trying to make this game a better place for all to enjoy!
  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    edited April 7
    my Zen ideas:

    Zen only attacks if he's the last hero standing.

    ATK will add to the damage + healing for meditate and healing for group meditation

    SKL will add to healing and evasion % for Enlightenment

    New basic attack!
    Zen heals and gain an aegis shield that is stackable up to 2x.
    *If there is only one hero left then Zen will use Pop and Cover (name change) with greatly increased damage but will not gain an aegis shield

    Heal, cleanse and haste ally
    *Slow heroes are fast, have evasion and attack twice for two turns

    Group Meditation
    Heals and adds an aegis shield to Zen and all allies
    *Be careful! If Shade possesses one of your heroes then they will also meditate!

    Safe Haven
    Cleanses and adds invincibility to Zen and ally for one turn.
    *cannot be purged/linked.

    Also Enlightenment doesn't affect Agnon while in Graniteform...what is this...
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