Cost to MAX-Tune runes

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EDIT: made a superior, since a gem pack went on offer... What, it let me properly "research" the cost of a superior rune, this was for science ^^; plus, hopper has poison skin now lol

I've been googling and looking through youtube, and I can only find information from a year or more ago on the topic. So far, I've made lesser, improved, and greater runes, so I know those numbers, and I'm staring at a superior rune, waffling over whether to click craft since I don't have a clue on how many gems it'd take to max it out (and I'd rather not get locked out of my daily crowns until I scrape together the required amount lol). For anyone else hunting around for this information, I'll list what I know:

Lesser: 100 gems to max
Improved: 500 gems to max
Greater: 1200 gems to max
Superior: 1800 gems to max
Elite: 3500 gems (?) to max (based on other forum posts made in april 2018, likely accurate =D )
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