In preparation for an eventual rework

So phemus is one of the oldest heroes around, and he's a pretty cool guy. He's not great, and lacks an epic, so he sees no play right now, as do most slow heroes (too soft to agnon, freeze, silences, etc...) But with his hefty seniority I'm feeling a rework in the next quarter or so... As such, I've made use of the current deadeye event to suit him up, though he's only at 5 stars ;P
Hopper will eat literally anything; rocks (stonefist), scrap metal (the furnace), ash (solaris), even bone (a lot of examples lol), AND is a known carrier of disease, and yet she still finds herself suffering from the disease ailment most matches... Something must be done!


  • LafooteLafoote Member
    I'm dreaming of a Phemus/Barbs team up. His AoE attack would add an extra stack of rage to all his teammates.
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