Pontifex Epic and Costume suggestion

Okay, so Pontifex has been my favorite character since before I even had him when I started a few years back. I’ve been hardcore brainstorming some ideas bc I think he’s long past due for an epic. Anyhow...

Aside from items (ie crystals, pyre embers, or whatever) Pontifex’ epic parts will consist of the:
Orb of Wicked Evil (replaces hovering skull)
Doomed Tome of the Forgotten
Pure Strand of Life

“Once the Dark Mage is capable of manipulating the Strand of Life, none will be able to withstand his might.”
-Someone Significant

Epic upgrades will increase (as it does with some others) Defense, Attack, and Max Health with each individual upgrade.

New/Enhaced Moves:
Void Storm (replaces Chaos Storm): Ranged Spirit attack on all enemies with chance to Shock/Disease (either seem viable, shock would be wild though).
Grand Theft Bio (replaces life steal):
Ranged Disease attack on single target with chance to disease. Portion of damage dealt returns to Pontifex Returned as HP. If the target dies, Pontifex will reincarnate (possibly before Flesh Incarnate, if an energy potion is utilized) with full health, energy, and either an aegis shield or haste.

This was the tricky bit to think of, I definitely scrapped a few ideas before, but I liked this a bunch.

Epic Attack: Chance to deal (1x) Ranged, Dark lightning damage to all foes with chance to fear.

Epic Passive: Undead Overlord- Gives Undead allies a chance to retaliate against any attack on Pontifex Mortis (or Returned) and also gives Undead Allies a chance to defend Pontifex Returned (only) from a deathblow. Allies defeated while protecting Pontifex Returned will resurrect with full health and energy when Pontifex Returned returns to Pontifex Mortis by any means. Boost Undead Def. and/or Max Health.

I will put images of Epic Items and the recent skin I’ve made below. These are all just ideas... ideas I hope Dungeon Boss may one day utilize.


  • Notes:
    Pontifex Returned could have the Wicked Orb on his staff or above his head as well.
    The orb above Harbinger Pontifex Mortis’ head is the wicked orb, otherwise the skull would take its place.
    I am not an owner of colouring utensils.
  • Neat. Pontifex is one of my old scool favs. Wish they would use one of our ideas and at least bring us an epic or make him a true legendary with epic and another rework. He needs something to help him survive. Anyone kills him so easily and his damage isn't enough to use him in any situation
  • Yeah, I’ve had him long enough to get 6* with no vip, but I don’t really know how hard of an achievement that was.. I got really lucky one day in the honor summon a long, long time ago
  • hatredhatred Member
    I do like the suggestion but I think ponti just needs a flat out rework. His kit just makes no sense. The guy has undead synergy, but has huge anti synergy with zomm. His first skill is also really bland and doesn’t do much.
    I think ponti should be redesigned as a build around. His kit strikes me as very selfish (with lots of damage, self res, hp on kill, self buff) and his theme does as well. They could run with this and design him as a legendary players want to enable to have a good game, which would be very unique as most other legendaries set up the rest of your team for a good game instead (zomm, solaris, furnace, etc) rather than serving as a true carry that you want to spam single target buffs on and can do tons of damage when enabled. I think the new ponti should play a lot like malice in that respect.
  • i dont mind ponti's damage and healing being selfish (if it isnt broke, dont fix it). There is little synergy with zomm (undead fervor), but what anti-synergy? I don't see IGOROK or Furnace, idek about Aria, with any good synergies. He's a Necromancer, and Lawful Evil it seems, and it works. I just gotta get my mitts on his Epic.
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