Heroic portal featuring Valkin, but he's not in Portal Drops list

..as title says.

Does he have to be aether unlocked first or something?


  • It works exactly the way the offer claims to provide you. Do x10 summons, and you will get Valkin. Otherwise, there's no chance of you getting him or his tokens. In other words, he is NOT on the drop list, but he is guaranteed to drop anyways after x10 summons.
  • omegathreeomegathree Member
    edited July 5
    Wait.. if you unlock him, if you do it again will you get more tokens or that's the end of valkin
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    edited July 6
    Use the 10x summons BEFORE unlocking him to get higher star level
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  • Thanks..done.
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