Heroes Revamped! Quests! Frozen Shatter Team Portal Specials!

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As we announced yesterday, we've made some pretty serious overhauls to a bunch of our Heroes. Now that those changes have been made, why not take those Heroes for a test drive in My Dungeon? We have quests for selected heroes that will allow you to earn tokens for them to make them even stronger!

We are also running Portal specials on IGOROK and his Water Allies who can now freeze enemies in celebration of his new Shatter Team ability. That means that you'll have an increased chance of finding not only IGOROK, but Icepick, Icebloom, Indigo, Selwyn, and Takumi as well! Just be sure to dress warmly.

And of course, we have all of our PAX South festivities going on over here. It's a busy weekend for Dungeon Boss, we hope you enjoy it!
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  • PvP quest is VERY limiting. Unless we spend/buy gems or raid tickets.
  • they sure are giving us a ton of chances for igorok
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  • Hmm, sad to require kills from a specific character that isn't featured in a portal. Goodbye Zomm and Bramble tokens.
  • @WaffleWarrior agreed, a bit more common and less 'legendary'

    Can't complain though, giving me more chances to 6* him
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    aaaaaaand the quests are bugged...

    But you know, I dont mind spending 20 gems on raid tickets just to crash as soon as i win raids, take your time fixing them please.
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    I think we also get more scrolls in PVP! I used to get ~100, now they are ~200! Nvm, mist the event pic...
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  • Bloth wrote: »
    PvP quest is VERY limiting. Unless we spend/buy gems or raid tickets.
    VERY limiting, there's no way I can win 8 times over 3 days. I've already dropped like 300 gems just on resets and I'm only at 3 wins! /s

  • Well, I think its safe to say that blue heroes as a whole are a hell of a better vs before the holidays!
  • Cool to have a different event, but yah, I agree, not much to it. Nothing to keep me busy over the weekend
  • Does Indigo have a increased chance to unlock in the VIP portal?
  • This event is great. Thank you! I appreciate being encouraged to try new PVP teams and I just beat the heck out of somebody with BD, Ekko, Ignus, and Nub! Do the tokens refresh each day?
  • I cannot complete the SIfu Jianzhi and King Bramble PVP quests since I haven't unlocked them yet... can I have those 2 quests replaced by any chance with other heroes that are already unlocked?
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