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Good day and welcome to the Kings Community!

Update September 2017: Diamond and Heart have officially closed.

We are a group of two guilds dedicated to high performance of crown tournaments while not sacrificing enjoyment, believing that being a part of a guild should be a pleasant experience and easy as possible for all members, be it old or new. We have a relaxed atmosphere and DO NOT enforce the use of third party apps such as LINE, Although the option is there to use them if so desired.

We also DO NOT enforce the use of crown collection glitches to get ahead, Who needs 'em anyway?

If this sounds like your kinda community then read on!

Kings Of Diamond

Our main guild is Kings Of Diamond, Created back in December 2015, KoD has since become a ranked 20-30 guild over the span of it's lifetime, with the intention of breaking Top 10, Currently has a Crown weekly minimum of 210 for all members, if you think you have what it takes to support our main guild in it's long-term goal of top 10, apply with this below:

Kings Of Diamond Application:

IGN (In game name):
Hero Level:
Hero Power:
PVP Trophy Count:
Other relevant information:

Alternatively, Contact either "BostonGeorgeDope" Or "MacTheKid" Within LINE chat to apply.

Kings Of Heart

Kings Of Heart is our new guild, made in July 2016 to expand our community and allow for easier management of our main guild, nonetheless Kings Of Heart is intended to be it's own independent guild with it's own goals, outstanding individuals may transfer to the main guild if they choose to do so, It is entirely optional.

KoH is our second guild in the process of growing, it has since reached 8K total crowns and has full intention to aim for higher goals, the minimum as of right now is 140 crowns weekly but many members achieve much higher. If you want to be a part of a newer guild with a strong name and a great community then apply with:

Kings Of Heart Application

IGN (In game name):
Hero Level:
Hero Power:
PVP Trophy Count:
Other relevant information:

Or again, contact "MacTheKid" Within LINE app.

Thank you for taking the time and interest to read, we hope that you choose to consider us as your gentleman's establishment of choice whilst conquering your way through dungeons, If you have any questions or want to discuss more leave a post below or contact me on LINE @ "MacTheKid".

Happy dungeon bossing folks. :lol:


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  • Hi,

    I'm generally around the 120 trophy count each week and have several friends from a current guild that might look to join. I no longer do the crown/xp quests as I finally started to low level.

    Application:might be willing to install the LINE chat app.

    In Game Name:ipunisher
    Player Level:45
    Pvp Trophies:4119
  • Invitation sent, just a note that we may be increasing the minimum crown requirement, Which may be problematic for slow levellers.
  • +2 members needed as of this post, feel free to swing a response via in game friend request or by posting here.
  • The guild is currently looking for officers to assist in the management of the guild, if you are interested, download LINE app and add "macthekid", shoot me a message!
  • We are forever expanding and setting our sights higher, If you're interested in helping building a community for a 9K+ crown guild then let me know via LINE.

    140 Crown minimum at the time of posting, but the minion is due to increase as the guild progresses!
  • Hi, I would like to join your guild if there are any spots open after the next guild tournament period (Starts on March 20th). I can complete all three quests a day, except for the yellow pvp quests, so I can easily meet the minimum crown requirement. Let me know if I can join, thanks!

    In Game Name: Alexczyk66
    Player Level: 31
    Pvp Trophies: 11,958
  • Thanks for the response, I shall add you once the reset has occurred to invite, alternatively join our LINE chat in the meantime to get acquainted with the community.

    Look forward to seeing you.

  • In Game Name:suxiro
    Player Level:52
    Pvp Trophies:4490

    I can install the Line chat
  • Hey Suxiro, invitation sent.

    Thanks for the application, we hope to see you soon.

  • Bump.

    Crown minimum has been increased to 160, Good work folks.

    Free spaces are available to those looking for a guild.

  • ZaechZaech Member
    In game name: Zaech13
    Player level: 27
    Pvp trophies: 3,720
    I'm a little low level wise, but I can achieve the 160+ crowns. Currently slow levelling so won't be accepting Xp quests. If that's no issue then I'd be more than happy to join your guild!
    I'm also currently in a guild so not sure if I have to leave that guild to accept invites
  • Hey Zaech.

    Regretfully our crown minimum does not allow us to take on slow levellers any longer, as a crown quest must be missed out to avoid Exp.

    The guild, however will continue to be here whilst you level up, Exp quest dissapear at level 30, So you are welcome to join once that requirement has been met!

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Bump.

    Level requirement changed from 30 to 40+.

  • Bump.

    I wonder if there is a bump limit.

  • A bump a day keeps page 2 away.

  • 8855 Crowns achieved last week.

    We are close to hitting that 9K milestone, We are recruiting right now.

  • Bump by the power of all that is lemony.

    It's a word.

  • Bump.

    8870 crowns previous week.

  • pbzexaaavt6z.png

    After many weeks, the 9K milestone has been reached, we are now officially a 9K guild, we intend to go further. :)

    Thanks to all within the team who made this possible!

    And as always, we are recruiting!

  • c3qp5okgy9t9.png

    After an incredible week, we are now a 180 crowns minimum guild!

    We are still recruiting, for any of you who may be interested in joining.

  • Bump to the top.

  • s7rdctrgbunq.png

    Congratulations to the guild for hitting it's first 10K crown total!

    As usual we're always looking for potential recruits, if you feel this guild is right for you contact me on here, or within LINE app.

  • nunyanunya Member
    Congratulations Mac :smiley:
  • I need a 9k guild. I always complete at least 180 crowns per week.

    IGN: ipunisher
    Level 51
    PVP Trophies: 25k+

    Yes, I'll install the line app.

  • Nice top see you guys on 10k. GJ

  • Thanks for the kind words @nunya @CaptainBarbosa !

    Hey again @ipunisher ! We've finished recruiting for today, but if a free position comes up I can let you know asap!

    Add ID "MacTheKid" on LINE if you are still interested.

  • Ignus The Firelord ..."All Hail Ignus" - Boston checking in...

  • Boston here.. One of Macs henchmen (officer) since he won't be on in the A.M I'll need to recruit 2 people for reset

  • We are recruiting, contact me on here or line if you happen to be interested.

  • Changes come and go, but the Kings remain as a constant.

    We're recruiting if anyone out there still needs a home.

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