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  • In Game Name: Roosker
    Player Level: 70
    Pvp Trophies: 45,583
  • DuvelDuvel Member
    edited June 2016

    In Game Name: Duvel
    Player Level: 53
    Pvp Trophies: 14500

    Will you complete all guild quests within your power every day?
    I will complete all besides Sunfolk until I am level 55, so I will miss a couple -- due to game mechanics. Won't affect requirements though
    Will you install the LINE chat app and join the guild chat? (Optional)
    I have line.
    ID: duvel_xl

    Hey guys, Duvel here. I am transferring GM title of <Bluelight> to my PvP alt ZeroGravitythree to become a PvP guild. Created in February, has done very well. Rank 125 on lifetime crowns earned with a total of 670,000. This update really impacted our numbers but didn't effect our rank.
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  • Thanks for the applications @Duvel @Roosker !

    We'd be glad to have you join us upon reset. :)

    We are still taking applications in case anyone else is interested!

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    Recruiting all evening long so if you need a new home to call your guild reach me on LINE app "bostongeorgedope"
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  • Still recruiting, join us for an awesome community as well as rewards!

  • We are recruiting for end of the guild games quests, if you happen to be interested in joining, let me know either here or on line chat, thanks.
  • Bump.

    We are recruiting, give us a shout if you're interested in joining our community!

  • MacTheKidMacTheKid Member
    edited June 2016
    Recruiting one more, shout if you are interested.

    I would REALLY like it if you are interested.

  • Just Googled Image King of Diamond, Definitely NSFW :-)

    You from Miami?

  • @CaptainBarbosa

    An unfortunate side affect from choosing a random name for your guild, It may already be in use and in this case, it was quite a surprise.

    Still, they have a sweet logo which we may or may not have shamelessly stolen.
  • ZWendyZWendy Member
    If you start reading this thread from the beginning you get to see the progression of this guild.
    Good work on all your success.
    DB Player since 10.11.2015
    The Tatar Squad
  • Thank you @ZWendy !

    It is awesome to have the messages to look back to, it also reminds me that I need to alter the oh-so outdated main page! So double thanks! :lol:

  • Anyone looking for a new home?? *bump

  • In Game Name: Mithdae7
    Player Level: 56
    Pvp Trophies: 23245

    Would love to join as my current guild is declining slowly due to lack of people and not enough serious players
  • poachpoach Member
    Great guild! Keep it up Mac :)
  • Thank you for the kind words @poach

    Hey @mithdae , apologies are in order for the late response. We are currently full but would be more than happy to invite you once we have the available space to do so! I have added you in game, if you have further questions you can ask here or within LINE, should you use the app.

    Thanks for contacting us.

  • Thanks @MacTheKid ! Looking forward, cheers!
  • Will be recruiting for reset =)

  • We are open for business and recruiting!

    Now TWO guilds, to make our community bigger and better than ever. :)

    Join today!

  • Congrats on making things official!

  • We are recruiting for King Of Hearts! Looking for general members and/or officers to assist in the management of our second guild.

    Shout if interested.

  • You won't find a nicer GM than @MacTheKid! Besides me of course. ;p. BUMP it UP.
  • Your kindness is appreciated @manicundead

    However undeserving of It I may feel. xD

    We are recruiting for reset within both guilds, if anyone reading is interested in joining our community, feel free to let us know.


  • Bump, recruiting in advance for both guilds, let us know if you're interested.

    We also have available space in hearts for higher crown earners, just give me a shout.

  • The results are in, these are the final crown totals for 18/07/2016 reset for both Diamond (above) and Heart (Below)


    Our first top ten, with a little bit of help from Bossfight's timekeeping problems. Congratulations to all who made this possible!


    Meanwhile Heart is closing in on achieving 6K rewards and by extension that Heroic summon we know and love so very much.

    We are recruiting for both guilds, let us know on this thread or Via LINE if you are interested in joining our community!

  • I'm interested in the Heart guild. I range from 140-190 crowns per week. Here's the rest of my info:

    IGN (In game name): boneyard
    Hero Level: 67
    Hero Power: 135k
    PVP Trophy Count: 32k
    Other relevant information: can start on Monday the 25th.
    level 70
  • Hey @Boneyard, We definitely have the space to accommodate you within Heart and would be more than happy to have you join our community this reset!

    In other news, Diamond is recruiting and will have at least one spot available for reset, if anyone happens to be interested.

  • Awesome! I await the email.and join up first thing Monday morning pst.
    level 70
  • We are open and recruiting!

    Let us know if you're interested in joining,

  • MacTheKidMacTheKid Member
    edited July 2016
    The Kings community is continuing to output awesome performance, with Diamond exceeding 10K consistently and ...


    Congratulations to Heart members for achieving the guild's first 6K! This is the beggining of many more heroic summons weekly!

    As always, contact me or the guild's officers via line or simply post on this thread if interested in joining our growing community, Hope to see you soon.

    Play nicely, play smartly and play fairly.

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