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  • Kings Of Heart Application

    IGN (In game name): WhySoDevious
    Hero Level: 63
    Hero Power: 112,560
    PVP Trophy Count: 27,773
    Other relevant information: I've always hit 140 trophies a week, minimum.
  • After several weeks since the guild was created, Heart has achieved it's first 6K total!


  • Hard working Mac back at it again.

  • Heart hitting well over 7K this week, and Diamond hitting over 10.2K!

    Recruiting for both guilds, shout if you happen to be interested!

  • Recruiting for Diamonds tomorrow! shout at me on line app same name if interested...


  • Both guilds strong and recruiting, if you can achieve what either guild is looking for and want to be part of a great community then let us know!

  • Searching for dedicated members for both guilds, if you want to be a part of a consistent, easy going but all the while high scoring community then let us know!

    Currently looking for players who can serve as an officer in both guilds, if this interests you then contact me on here or by line!

  • Bump.

    Oh, we're still recruiting. Funny how that works,

    Join the Royal community of lemons today.

  • Both guild recruiting, Diamond being 10k guild and Heart 8K,

    Interested in joining our community? Just let us know.

  • IGN (In game name): McNoob
    Hero Level: 70
    Hero Power: 214,414
    PVP Trophy Count: 108,405
    Other relevant information: Experienced day 1 player looking for casual guild.

    I am looking for a casual 6k+ guild, I dunno if I fit in with your plans for Heart but let me know!
  • @Dingus Hey Dingus!

    We're currently aiming for 8K, hitting 7k+ consistently for the past few weeks. Sadly because I'm useless the main page has been neglected in terms of updates, if however you are still interested and can achieve 140 crowns minimum weekly please feel free to let me know!


    (Sorry for late reply, I am once again useless)
  • Hey Mac sorry I joined a different guild in the end, I didn't want my Monday crowns to go to waste :P I hope your guild is going strong anyway
  • No problem! @Dingus My fault for not checking the forums sooner, if you ever have a change of heart (get it?) just give me a shout. :)

  • Always open and recruiting for both guilds, if you happen to be interested, just give us a shout below.


  • Heart profile updated (at long last). :lol:

    Come join our community today!


  • Potential top 10 this week in diamonds.
    Would like to get two more solid 210's to replace a few people only bringing in 190 though.
  • Another 8K crown total from Heart & 10K+ performance from Diamond.

    Both guilds are recruiting today, contact us on here or via LINE if interested in joining our community.

  • Both guilds strong and recruiting, come and join our fruity community today!

    Or tonight, or whatever.

  • VioletLyraVioletLyra Member
    edited October 2016
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  • Thank you for the kind words @VioletLyra !

    We have spaces available for both guilds still, shoot me a post if you are interested in joining.

  • Both guilds recruiting for reset, just give us a shout either on this thread or on LINE app if interested in joining.

  • Heart currently recruiting members that can contribute 140 crowns weekly!

    You know what to do for application.

  • Both guilds currently have space available for new recruits, reply below if you may be interested.

    Join our community, ready for whatever fun is prepared at Halloween!

  • Bump. Again.

  • Diamond recruiting with a space available immediately, Contact us on line or leave a response on this thread is interested.

  • After awesome performance from Heart, the guild will become a 150 crown minimum this after reset!

    Speaking of reset, it's coming and once more both guilds are searching for recruits, come join our community today!

  • After many long months, Diamond has finally achieved it's goal of top ten, been a long time coming but we've finally made it and proved it to be possible with pure, simple dedication to the community.


    Thank you to all members who made this occasion possible, I look forward to seeing the community strive and achieve even loftier goals in the future. :)

    As always, a guild's work is never over and both guilds are still recruiting, If you desire to be a part of our awesome dedicated community, let us know either on this thread or within LINE chat.

  • Congrats on the top 10! Soon you'll be getting to first place as well! :wink:
  • Kings of Diamond application

    IGN: WalkinDude
    Level: 57
    Hero Roster Power: 165,752
    PvP Trophies:35,456*

    *When I was level 50 my PvP trophy and tower floors counts were reset to zero in order to fix an issue where I couldn't log onto my account. My true trophy count is 63,556.

    I have no problems with any crown quests and get 210 every week.
  • Another week, another recruitment effort, Both guild currently recruiting for reset, shout if you want in!

    And thank you for the kinds words @Zuggey :)

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