Ch17 The Rune Temple - Challenge Mode

This is by far the worst dungeon I've ever tried to beat. I can't even go past the second stage!
Did anyone beat it?
What did you use to beat it...?


  • JoeyCippJoeyCipp Member
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    This rune temple was definitely difficult and took more than one try 6ikq2a1jss8l.png

  • Thanks for your comment!
    But uh...still couldn't beat it. I'm guessing your heros had max stats.
  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Jabber clenchjaw gets a great buff for this dungeon. So I suggest running beasts.
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  • I beat it with Ponti, Overlord, Aug, and Brom. Play it slow, take out red and blue dwarves before green. Since 2 out of 3 heroes are immune to poison (and Brom is a ranged attacker), the green dwarves have the least harmful rune. Save Aug's skills to use for when there is nothing but runed targets, so he can skip his melee turn. I brought 3 energy potions, but only used 1. Don't be shy to use energy potions to reload Aug instead of meleeing a runed target. You cannot afford to be burned or chilled. Same for Overlord, save his taunt for when there is nothing but runed targets to skip his turn. Boss room, take out the helpers first. The boss solo cannot kill Overlord, especially since he can self heal and gets healed from two other characters. I managed to 3 star it on my 3rd try.
  • echonap wrote: »
    I beat it with Ponti, Overlord, Aug, and Brom. Play it slow, take out red and blue dwarves before green. Since 2 out of 3 heroes are immune to poison (and Brom is a ranged attacker),

    Thanks for the tip. I 3 starred using no pots with your team. I do think you mean that Ponti is a ranged attacker though.
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  • An unconventional team at first sight, but don't let it fool you! Very potent against this particular dungeon.


    Ekko is the star here, shock damage inflicted on the dwarves is amplified by their trait to deal more damage to certain element types, using their trait AGAINST them, he can make short work of the dwarves with lightning storm.

    Kobal is instrumental here in making sure enemy damage output stays low by constantly inflicting diesease, his all AOE ability kit is also exceptional in ensuring Ekko's shock damage hits as much as possible.

    Stonefist acting as the tank, being immune to debuffs and being a brick wall in general makes him a worthy opponent against the dwarves, with the ability to cripple enemy damage output further with Fist Of Justice.

    Augustus for general shielding and healing, with the ability to remove enemy buffs.

    Worth a shot for those struggling, an easy team which is not too difficult to obtain.

  • gmungmun Member
    Nothing unconventional about that team.... at least for me. ;) Actually I'm quite impressed. Well done.
  • scoboodlesscoboodles Member
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    I sorta played with the above ideas, which weren't working. At long last, a use for kobal the useless!
  • kpung07kpung07 Member
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    Finally 3 starred it at level 58 with 5*Alexandros, 5*Ekko, 5*Dagrund, and 5*Augustus. Ekko was the missing piece of the puzzle for me allowing Alexandros to have his taunt up at all times. Probably took 40+ minutes to clear but besides the very first room I was never in any real danger.
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