Losing Honor even with reinforced chest

My dungeon reinforcement has been up for a couple hours. When I logged in I was down about 90 honor, I put the reinforcement up immediately, have kept it up since, and now it says I've lost over 450 honor (I didn't even look at how much more gold it's lost). What's going on?


  • Same for me today - given up using hammers now until fixed.
    Also log shows being attacked by same person many times.
  • KangKang Member
    Experiencing the same issue. Reinforced chest 1.25 hours before collection. Collected, then had 2 unprotected defense losses.
  • I have noticed the same problem since preseason 1
  • Yep just noticed this this morning. Lost about a grand in honor from the final chest I'll be allowed to claim because of this. Very disappointing
  • TaronusTaronus Member
    edited March 20
    I just had the same. Logged in with <100 honor lost and chest still reinforced with 1 bar. Added 2 more bars and then went to pvp. Game got stuck while loading dungeon so I closed it down.

    When I logged on 1 minute later, I had lost almost 500 honor and my chest was still reinforced. I tried to pvp again, got stuck again, restarted and have now lost my full 1200 honor. :-(

    I've checked my log and haven't even been attacked in the meantime.
  • TaronusTaronus Member
    Now I'm loosing all my gold as Well. :( Still no attacks in my log
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    We're investigating this issue. Thank you for all the details!
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • KangKang Member

    Chest has been protected entire reset.
  • Kang wrote: »

    Chest has been protected entire reset.

    Same thing here. :/
  • What I have noticed is when it gets to the last bar for chest protection the leak starts to happen.
  • echonapechonap Member
    I don't protect my chest anymore. It doesn't seem to do anything. Then again, neither do hammers...
  • If needed, an effective way to save hammers for in the long run, just reinforce it no more than 4 times as the 3rd & 4th times cost 75 hammers, always check back after 7Hrs & 50 Minutes pass to cover every inch, When it is not reinforced, reinforce it before actually catching some Zzz's so that you can reinforce it yet again & effectively keep your loot safer for a longer period of time, & effectively saving hammers in the long run as reinforcing the chest up to 8 hours uses about 225 hammers.
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  • Fville8Fville8 Member
    So, I wish I had seen this post before wasting some hammers. Any update on this @joel? I lost a day's worth of gold and honor thinking this was working.
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