Game not registering mob kills for event quest

with the introduction of the 'Spring Cleaning' event today I started killing mobs for the day 1 quest 'Just Want To Have Fungi'. After clearing the level Whisper Wood (chapter 19 - 2) a few times and getting the notification of killing the mushroom mobs it now seems the game has ceased registering these kills. I've restarted the game and run the level, and others with mushroom mobs, but it seems the game is no longer recognizing these mob kills and I'm stuck on 19/100 and cannot proceed any further with this quest.

I've also tried connecting and playing both over wifi and using mobile data as well as power cycling my phone with no change. Playing on Android.


  • You have to bring a nature hero on your team. Maybe that is the issue?
  • NoArmsNoArms Member
    edited April 2017

    Too used to doing dailies and rolling with whatever...

  • NoArms wrote: »

    Too used to doing dailies and rolling with whatever...

    Don't feel bad. When the quest came out, I must have run mushroom dungeons like 10 times before I realized I needed a nature hero.

    Thankfully I ran forest dungeon so it still counted towards the lily quest.
  • I agree, don't feel bad. I also ran a level a couple times before I noticed that I wasn't receiving credit.
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