Boss mode bug

Just got an error code fighting the water boss mode boss. I hit Glacius with stonefist and the game crashed. when it came back I lost all progress and was at the beginning of the dungeon.
It's annoying, but its no big deal honestly. But has anyone else had this bug?


  • Error FD357F89 (Images on the left sorry I'm way too lazy to crop)
  • Did this happen when you got an epic attack or a normal attack?
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • 1st time was attempting to use fist of justice (don't have SF epic but probably wouldn't make a difference)
    2nd time I think it was an IGOROK basic attack. which could've been an epic attack but the game didn't get that far.

    It might be an issue with too many debuffs + bluestacks, since too many modifiers seems to cause the 0 damage bug on mobile. but I wouldn't know, I'm not a game developer
  • Thanks for the info, I'm having it looked into! :smiley:
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • thanks!
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