PVP League Issue - Went from Warlord I to Champion II overnight

Woke up and found my trophy count to be totally messed up:

Last season I finished in Legend I, so like usually, I started with 20000 trophies in Warlord I.
I did 8 matches, ended up loosing the last one to a dodgy MK - everything pretty normal up to now. Got 21250 trophies, but I could neither find myself listed in the Top 100, nor at the right position in the "social" ranking, where I apparently only had 6250 trophies.
Then I went to sleep and the trophy count I can see dropped from 21250 to 6250, placing me in Champion II.
All rewards up to Warlord I have been claimed already and now it looks like I startet with 5000 instead of 20000 trophies. 15k trophies - gone?!
And btw, I still see enemies with 5,4k runepower like CryptKeeper as hard option in Champion II...

How am I supposed to catch up to the Top 100 or even Legend I?
I am loosing gems to catch up to my initial trophy count, daily honor rewards due to the lower tiers and I cannot get the Kreel tokens.
Generally, I don't complain about any issues or bugs on the forum, but this one is serious and maybe there are other players having the same problem.

Cheers, Ph0ton



  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey @PhD9. Please contact customer support about this.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • PhD9PhD9 Member
    Thanks for your advice. I contacted them - they could not restore the crowns, but I could climb up to Legend I again.
    But guess what happened again this season. Lost 15k trophies again. This is extremely frustrating and I hope you are looking into the cause for this problem.

    Yesterday night when the season started:

    The night after (maybe related to closing the app and reopening it):

  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey @PhD9. Sorry to hear that this happened again. This is a very narrow issue that only seems to impact a tiny number of players and has proven difficult to track down. Any details you can share would be a big help. You mentioned that you think it might be related to closing and reopening the app, could you explain that a bit more? You naturally close and reopen the app frequently, do you think it's happening when you close and reopen at a particular point in time?
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Holy crap. I would be beyond pissed if that happened to me twice. PvP is such a grind and to lose that many crowns just flat out sucks. I hope they gave you at least 100 raid tickets (instead of the crappy 8 they default to).
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