Hey hey!

Hello everyone.

I'm not really a new player, already level 56 here but I didn't annouce myself here in the forum.

I'm a daily and active player, 210+ crowns, not that good on PvP (Gladiator II max).

I wonder if there is any guild that wants me to join in (after the Guild Games), because every guild that i joined, players wouldn't log in for 2 weeks or even more and don't really care about the crowns and Guild Games. If someone is interested in me, please comment below.


  • Welcome to join "The Bastion" (public group) after the GG ends and we get an open spot. Lvl 35+ and only 100 weekly crowns required.
    Potatoccino Guild - Lvl 71 - VIP 2
    DB Forum: Recent Discussions - http://forum.dungeonboss.com/discussions
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  • If you're looking for options, Feel free to check out the league of justice as well - most of us are friendly. :wink:

    Are all plugs shameless?
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