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And so it began...

It all began a long time ago, August2015. After quitting World of Warcraft, I found myself not only getting in shape but also with a lot of time in my hand.

CaptainBarbosa was born. Like a true noob, I thought it was all about levelling as fast as I possibly could. I reached level 25 in no time with no heroes over level 18. Things were not looking promising and no good guilds wanted to invite me. So I did what I found to be the next logical step.

The First Guild...
Newbies (Today known as HC Alpha/Beta) was formed. Any one was welcome to join and our goal was simply to become a top10 guild. For those who did not play back than, being in the Top10 was not only HARD but it meant something!

Here are just a few screenshots of the top 10s from when the current capped Guild Crown format was launched

Anyways, Newbies were off to an awesome start thanks to the work of many members but especially @manicundead, the later founder of Satiated Gorgon.

On our 9th week I single handly decided to find a guild to merge with so we could speed up our progress to top 10. I did not loop in any of the hard workings officers in this decision (This was a mistake, these people were my friends).

The merger...
The merger between Newbies and Hard Core took place on Week 10 in the Newbies Performance History Image (Week 10 = Week 1 in the Guild ranking Screeshots).
It happened instantly at reset, so it was a surprise for many, especially Newbies' officers who were not at all prepared (we were after all just a bunch of dedicated noobs achieving great results)

To understand the next part, you nee to know that I am European, and when most players in this game are active, I am at sleep.

The **** Storm...
While I was at sleep, a big miss understanding was unfolding in our officer's chat. Big words were used. It was clear the following morning that the Officer team would not survive past next reset.

The Truth...
The following reset we were top 10, however Newbies lost 3 officers who later became GM's of Dungeon Boss' most successful guild family, Gensokyo. The guild that later was absorbed by many teams, a few of wich is THE EMPIRE family.
At this point I learned the truth. Anyone can be replaced and performance remains the same.

The Truth hurts...
On week 13th after our best result and not a result that was to be repeated for a very very very long time. I quit the Guild.

Fail, Learn, Improve or was it Come, See, Conquer...
On week 8 (Not the newbies performance one) of the new tournament style, where guilds who reached 10500 would share #1, Veni Vidi Vici was Born. Week 8 Top guilds below

Hard work aka, recruitment, recruitment, recruitment, pays off...
After less than a month in business, with no help from any family of guilds or large groups of members joining at the same time we struck gold for the first time, out competing some of the longest standing guilds like Justice League, The Knight Kings and many others. All this in just 5 weeks.

The first Million is the hardest one...
Our first #1 took place 2 weeks after

The week after we became the 2nd best family of guilds in Dungeon Boss' history

Many did not believe this would have been possible, but the ones who believed in it, they came, they saw, they conquered.

The end of VVV
Our success was so great that it leed to the end of VVV as we knew it. VVV's Success below

The Birth the VAS Family of guilds...
About a year ago from today a guy called @RobSnow got in touch with me and sugested a merger between VVV2, VVV3, Anonymous and Strategy Gods. and that was the birth of our 3 top 1 crown guilds.

A big thanks goes to all who have been part of our history and contributed to our success.

I would like to personally thank @Kezii @RobSnow @Woodtwist @Zombi @seanlucky @JaxBoomstick @gizziemcgee @Chksn @SirJuice @bbclare7 @Nana1000 for making it all happen.

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