I bought the igorok starting bundle 2 times and did not get it

Me and my step mom drove over to get a card for the igorok bundle. I got 15 dollars when I came back I put it in and attempted to buy it. When I bought it my dad accept the purchase and at the top of the screen it says purchase accepted. Then the screen or the game says "purchase failed". So I thought it was wrong or was a glitch. I attempt to buy it one more time. The your parent had accepted the purchase message shows up and then the purchase failed pops up. At this point I realize to go check my apple balance. It says $4.32 credit. So what I am saying is the game stole my money and didn't give me my 100 or 200 becouse I bought it twice my 1mil or 2 mil gold my 300 or 600 gems and the other item that comes with it. So it gave me nothing and took my money. All I want is for you to refund and put the offer back for me. Or give me all the stuff I bought and I will be ok.


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