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Not sure where else to go with this. Hoping a mod can help.

With the advent of the Drench debuff for PvP, I started re-runing my heroes. Now, as anyone who started PvPing right away can tell you, there were SERIOUS stability issues with the app - crashes every couple minutes, error codes, debilitating lag, etc. Unfortunately, this lag caused the Superior Champ rune from this season (atk/atk/def/DR vs Caster) to get salavaged less than 24 hours after purchasing instead of unequipped.

Now. I accept my responsibility in this - I shouldn’t have been tapping or doing things so quickly. If I had slowed down to a snails pace so the lag could catch up, this mistake never would have happened. However, DB’s system stability was more than a significant contributor.

When I reached out to CS to work with them to verify I’m not gaming the system, and hopefully get a one-time replacement (for an utterly irreplaceable rune), I got 250 gems, 5k Honor, and 500k gold. A pittance for the cost to actually buy the rune, and I can’t even buy the rune again because of the limit 1.

@Joel @Eej What can I do to demonstrate I’m not trying to cheat the system and get a replacement? I only have two of these things, both acquired during Season 14 - literally the ONLY other other time it was offered


  • That sucks man. I'm not sure what they can do. I know the lag was terrible yesterday. I had to force close the app several times.
  • I swear there use to be a pop up that said "Are you sure you want to salvage this rune" which went away a few patches ago. For anything above Greater Heroic, that pop up should realllly return.

  • That same verification step was in place for removal and maybe equipping of high-end runes as well. I didn't mind it.
  • I tested it - if you salvage directly from the rune list (craft menu), it asks for confirmation before salvaging. However, if you accidentally salvage it while trying to unequip, there's no warning message. It just goes *poof*. Which is especially troublesome when the game is lagging like crazy during an event that necessitates significant rune movement...

    @Eej @Joel would you mind responding?
  • dvd54407 wrote: »
    @Eej @Joel would you mind responding?

    I have a feeling you'll never see your rune again
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Customer support has the final say on issues like this. I will ask the team to look into adding a salvage confirmation popup for equipped runes.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • @Joel even when they're wrong? Claiming they cannot verify what happened (despite me offering several solutions to verify my claims) and claiming that they don't have a mechanism to "add back runes" (we've seen mid-60 level players receive the Superior PvP rune as comp for matchmaking resulting in 600+ def losses).

    I understand the need for you to not circumvent CS. They serve a purpose, and that integrity must be maintained. However, they must also be corrected and trained when they are blatantly wrong.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Customer support legitimately does not have a way to award players runes. Runes are multidimensional individual objects, as opposed to currency or resources that are uniform and stack in your inventory. On the occasions that we send compensation involving runes, such compensation is handled by designers, not customer service representatives. Further more, compensation involving runes is only done when it involves a large number of players all receiving the same rune, not individual compensation.

    I do sympathize with your situation, but customer support's policies are not something that I have control over, and this still is a case of user error. As I said, I am talking with the team about re-implementing the salvage confirmation message, but I am not able to have your rune recreated for you.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • The same happened to me with a purple Champion Superior Legendary rune...I had to grind hard for a week and spend lots of gems to acquire it and then...when I was unequipping it just disappeared because I pushed the wrong button.
    You can say that it was user error but I disagree as first of all there were lags in those days and secondly it is very bad that there is no confirmation button when you unequip runes.
    I wrote to customer service and they wrote me about the same but you knwow what's the point....this policy is totally wrong in such cases.
    Why can't you help long time players to "restore" what they lost for an evident mistake, of course after that you have checked what happened?
    I can tell you @Joel that I feel really very bad for this situation as it proves that we are investing time and money in something where we have no guarantees....What will happen, for example, if one day one account should be hacked and all runes discarded?
    Can u please consider that we invest really lots of time and energy in this community and our efforts should be kept safe from accidental loss?
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