Epic Idea for Mangle Jaw

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Jaws of Death
- Epic for Mangle Jaw-

+ 30% Health
+ 20% Attack
+ 20% Skill

Chance to grant all Monster allies Vampiric for 3 turns, then deals 3x damage.

Epic Parts:
- Jaws of Death (unlock)
- Bloodthirsty Fang (lv6)
- Crimson Razor (lv12)
Level: 70
Favorite hero: Hansuke
Currently: Waiting for new PvE content and the PvP revamp.


  • RIP non-armoured opponents
    Back to playing the game after a few months...
  • Seems like this could add some sort of synergy with monster teams, monster teams really need stronger synergy. Because of this, Im gonna create an epic koros.
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • I like the iron jaw, make it look like a bear trap on steroids.
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