Congratz LC

Congratz on another guild win. You guys set the bar. Now let's all go meet at the bar and have some drinks while DB deals with all the weekend problems.


  • Thank you @echonap . Competition was fierce for this first time event mainly from AoA's incredible effort. When the event was released we quickly discovered there would be substantial free raid tickets and we had to increase our overall goals for this competition. 125 raids a day per person was the goal we set (500 raids in total). 4,000,000 total trophies was what we projected as a goal needed to win and shockingly that's pretty much where we finished. While we had quite a range of player participation: Low: 14,000 trophies High: 325,000 we ended up averaging 80,000 trophies per member.

    The Aegis of Athena guild continues to be the best competition in the game. Thank you for making every guild event fun and exciting.
  • ;_; Is this the only thread that mentions the results of the past GG? Was kindof expecting a bit more...
  • Yep. The parades are over. Confetti is gone. Fat lady sang a beautiful serenade. ;)
  • pjworld wrote: »
    ;_; Is this the only thread that mentions the results of the past GG? Was kindof expecting a bit more...

    For some reason a lot of threads that talk about LC keep getting deleted.
  • You misspelled "malign". ;)
  • we ended up averaging 80,000 trophies per member.

    Impressive! I worked my thumbs off to get to just over 40,000. AVERAGING 80k... WOW!

    I earned - what - 40 Solaris tokens? 50? One Sol token for every 6-7 raids? I suppose that's not too shabby...
  • @chaoskittyx did 2000 matches and @itirnitii did 1300 matches. ChaosKittyX (Max) slept 4-6 hours a night. His pace picked up after the first day when the matches got way easier. By the end we were able to finish a match in under 90 seconds getting as many as 40 wins per hour.
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    @JaxBoomstick how many hours did your top two players in the guild games put in? From what I saw and heard they chaoskittyx and Itrinii (Not sure if i got the 2nd name right!) both achieved over 2300 pvp matches in 3 days!

    I read a post earlier that said 75 hours or something of NON stop gameplay.

    To be fair, that was me doing some calculations on what it takes to earn that many wins in the time available. If chaoskittyx was able to sleep only 4-6 hours a night and complete a raid cycle every 90 seconds the rest of his waking hours for four days straight I'll accept that.

    A 'raid cycle' is not just the raid, which were lasting around 90 seconds from the ones I watched, but also acquiring the tickets to do the raids, hitting the buttons, watching the video of your heroes entering the dungeon, opening the chest etc.

    To be sure chaoskittyx had a much faster attack team than I currently have, and I envy the ease of the wins. I'm still just a bumbling amateur at PvP.
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    I also barely slept. I did not sleep at all Thursday night into Friday, and about 3-5 hours the other three nights. Unfortunately, I had work three days of the event so most of my days were pretty mentally exhausting. Luckily, I have a job where I can farm matches and work at the same time, but my pace suffers greatly during those 24 hours of work. Especially considering the beginning of the event the matchups were not easy (all beasts all the time) and those matchups were very complex; if you weren't watching the opposing heroes turns you could easily get lost on what stage of your strategy you were in and what action to carry out next. Once Friday hit the matchups eased up and a better farming team was discovered, so I could close the games out in one round, two at most. I also jumped out the gate and did 467 wins before the event even started.

    All in all I had a very fun season and I regret nothing. :)
  • I also did some raiding.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • Can I ask why did the LC guys use Kozar in their raids? I watched replays and I can't come up with any reason for Kozar
  • Daeris is not enough to kill Solaris or Hopper most of the time, you need that finisher. Kozar is great because he's dark so benefits from damage reduction, extra damage after shade's first attack, and status immunity. He also seemed to circumvent the splash debuff fairly well with his high attack power.
  • Brom was my first choice but his first ability wouldn't do any damage through drenched. But Kozar still did a nice chuck of damage. His single target ability to remove a buff (feathers) was priceless in many fights. Being slow and costumed also gave him Aegis Shield and added energy.
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