NEW TIME!!! Streaming LIVE tonight at 7pm EST - Twitch

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Join us live, tonight, at 7pm EST as we kick off our new weekly schedule. This stream will be a lead-in to the HnH show, which starts at 9pm. Come join us as we talk about PvP GG, updates to DB, WoW discussions, and !

Join us live, every Thursday at 7pm EST.

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  • Come hang out if you have a second...
  • Thanks for the free celestial evo's from your stream a while back :)

  • Come hang out and see if I can help Jerry across the finish line...
  • Come hang and watch my undeads slog through the event dungeons...
  • Come hang out and share your thoughts on the new character and the new Monster team...
  • 2DorksTV wrote: »
    Come hang out and share your thoughts on the new character and the new Monster team...

    My thoughts are he's a kitty cat.

    People calling him a fast food product are mistaken.
  • Join the chat tonight and tell us what you think of the updates to the Reptiles
  • Gonna be late - moved it back to 6:30pm. OBS hates me
  • 2DorksTV2DorksTV Member
    More updates to discuss - this time with the beasties. Join us live, tonight at 6:30pm EST (unless OBS decides it hates me again)
  • 2DorksTV2DorksTV Member
    Going LIVE in just a few... Come hang out and chat with Phate and I.
  • 2DorksTV2DorksTV Member
    Legendary events, PvP updates, Guild Quest updates, developer's post, and lots of Zelda to discuss. LIVE, tonight at 6:30pm EST.
  • 2DorksTV2DorksTV Member
    No event, but we're still doing a thing... Come hang and talk about Hyrule
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    Sorry you got hosed on your stream by another broken promise. :(
  • Streaming live in a few... Join us in the chat and say hi!
  • Gonna start streaming again... So, I got that going for me.

    stop by and say hi
  • VictoriaVictoria Member, Administrator, Moderator, Big Fish
    @2DorksTV is back! Check them out! :)
  • Wow it has been so long since their last one. What happened?
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • New time slot - Join us tonight...

    @ExtremeKorosPains - we renovated a house and it took all our time. Now that we are at steady state with the house - time to start streaming again. We have discussed ramping up DB streams in the coming months, but baby steps :)
  • Goin LIVE soon! Let's grind some PvP together.
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