Water/Frost Goblin

I know this has been asked over and over again, but is there ANY chance of us seeing a water or frost Goblin? The gobbo team is ridiculously fun and I would like to have other elements besides nature and fire represented.

At the very LEAST since Zurk is so incredibly terrible, have Bramble drown him and have him come back as a Goblin water/frost spirit.


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    Zurk is amazing.

    No, I'm not joking. Zurk is the glue that holds the Goblin team together. Without him, the Goblin team wouldn't even be half as strong. His Crits give all Goblins Haste, lower the enemy's energy, grant Goblins energy, and grants Zurk an extra hit. That's a lot for one attack.

    Now, before you think the Goblin team is super amazing, keep in mind they're not used at all anywhere in PvP anymore. At least, not past level 50. At that point, everyone probably has Koros, Shade, and Hopper, all of which can probably take the Goblins down by themselves.

    And while I do want a Water Goblin, I'm afraid we'll see a repeat of the Reptiles if we do. As in, another Kreel. The only hero you could really replace on the Goblin team anyways is Squinch. Unless they made a Water goblin who had Zurk's 'Goblin Cheerleader' passive, or was a healer who could replace NubNub, you're not gonna change up the Goblins that much, sad to say. A new member isn't what they need. The Goblins need a buff to their already-existing heroes. Otherwise they'll just stay irrelevant, no matter how many new members they get.
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