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  • still trying to get undead team for PvE
  • How's Ekko working for you ?, Im also still waiting for Zomm lol was hoping he would be featured today but it was Grog...
  • ekko is ok, but still not what i wanted tho. lol
  • i'm almost close to get yorick. And farming Tokens for Brom. Also,s aving up 2,700 gems in case a Zomm or Hansuke portal event appears.
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Hopefully this Christmas will give you lots of chances to get Grog/Valkin tokens. They're both quite useful in PvP.
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  • oh, ok thanks! I'm going to get gems for christmas, so hopefully I can get a Zomm portal summon if an event comes.
  • awesome, just got Yorick! And brom tokens is 34/100 now! :D
  • Any more tips guys? I'm a lvl 31 and on Floor 10 on Tower of Pwnage.
  • use cannon fodder first, then bring in the kill squad
  • k thanks! Also what members should I use in PvP?
  • what are your best heroes that have good runes, are fairly useful as a whole
  • Well, my current PvP Team is Ferno, Pontifex, Shadowblade, and IGOROK. All others I pretty much don't use except for NubNub, Yorick, and Executum, whom I use for PvP.
  • i say use chief nubnub, stone fist, shadowblade, and anybody else. Sifu isn't that bad after you ascend him cause then he can heal and that's just plain aweso
    I will ignite you. Beware Ignus. (Wa ha ha ha)
  • lol i'm probably going to think about that ;)
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