Game is cheating!

Ok. Been playing this game over a year now. All characters are getting maxed out. Most are six star and everyone is fully ascended. Several are epic maxed. Lot of work and time to get here. Still having a lot to f fun as of a few weeks ago. But. And a big but at that. Difficulty level was changed. Tower of pawnage is now ridiculous. I’m getting stopped by characters much weaker than mine. The game is protecting characters to prevent mine from beating them. Sometimes stupidly so. PVP is also no longer fun. Same problems. I’m sick of fighting characters that should be easy to beat and getting my my **** stomped. Don’t tell me about strategy either. In PVP if my characters have more than twice the power and runes as the group I’m attacking, there should be absolutely no reason why I would lose but I am losing regularly. Not funny. I’m just about ready to walk away from this game. Not sure if I will ever do the tower again. Your changes have made me very frustrated with how this game is played. You are cheating and I’m not happy about it. Fix this it now.


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    Slot machines cheat too. Do you think the game treats you differently than other players? The tower and PvP are designed to make you think you need a better team or better runes so that you will spend money. Alternately, you can work hard without spending. Many successful players have.
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    To be honest, the tower IS broken.

    It feels like we are getting runes without PVP fourth stats and the defenders are getting runes with PVP stats enable and a 40% PVP health bonus.

    Basically they're calling the wrong method to prep the defender heroes and load their runes. They're calling the PVP variant when they're loading the defense instead of the PVE version that we're getting.
  • Also, @frogpond5, need to learn more about hero synergy, passive boosts, and elemental advantages. I have no problem believing you got curbstomped by someone with half your rune power if you don't understand these important concepts.
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    That’s not a joke. This is, but not a very good one. Wouldn’t you say @Monkeynuts?

    A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: ''Ugh, that's the ugliest baby I've ever seen!'' The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: ''The driver just insulted me!'' The man says: ''You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I'll hold your monkey for you.''
  • Been playing over a year. I know how the game works. They changed some more f the parameters a awhile back. The Solaris character is great and I use it but against this character in PVP, there is very little chance of winning. The game is CHEATING!!! They have deliberately changed things to favor certain characters. After building and maxing out my heroes it is a gelreat disappointment that now instead of introducing newer and tougher characters they have decided to make
    Weaker characters impossible to beat. I’m done. I won’t be playing this game anymore. It’s really a shame since it was an excellent game till recently.
  • Honestly, after the tower I just ran, I am feeling a he11 of a lot like Frogpond5 right now. I'm not near as powerful as he's describing, but I recently got to level 70 and have 9 characters that are level 70 with at least level 1 epic... several up to level 5 epic... I have been making a lot of great progress in the game recently, actually have a PVP defense team that slowly gains me points instead of drains my points, yada yada, whatever. But I just played a tower run where the first floor was all level 70 high star, but sacrificed some level 40 misfits then beat them with my undead team, fine. But FLOOR TWO then had epic beast team, Grog Gnog, Lupina, Leonidus, Solaris, all Fully Ascended and at least Grog Gnog was Epic. They must have had level 30 superior runes, too, I'd guess. I don't know, but it really did feel like DB devs were cheating as every team I threw at them was completely decimated, Undead - all epic level 70 Hansuke, Yorick, Brom & Zomm, my Shatter team... all just cut down by the unbeatable resurrect combo of Leonidus and Solaris... it was sickening enough that after killing off my strongest teams in at least 4 waves, I just flipping quit the tower!!!

    Until they'd screwed it up, all the progress I'd made recently has been awesome, but this was just absolutely fricking frustrating. I've been working on synergies and looking up runing recommendations from Zombi and lots of other recommendations. And it'd been helping tremendously, and then suddenly this utterly freaking broken tower run with an unbeatable beast team on Floor TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the worst changes most recently IMHO is they completely nerfed team heals. Nub Nub's Voodoo Chant was fabulous just the way it was and now it's practically freaking worthless.............. working on getting Yasmin from low 60's up towards level 70... starting to make runs to get her Epic, but she just doesn't survive to the end. And first try she got stuck as a Zominion, which I'm not sure if you can "earn/win" an epic when your hero is a shambling undead Zominion or not... I think one of my heros did earn their epic while undead, but I can't remember for certain...
  • Do not pray for an easy "tower", pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. - a slightly modified Bruce Lee quote

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