Tower Bug - Previously consumed opponent reapperas

So I was fighting a team of Solaris, Ferno, Agnon, and Lupina. (with my team of Zomm, agnon, shadowblade, and shade). I consumed Ferno with Zomm's eat brains ability. Shortly after my team was wiped out. Re-entered with another team, now facing Solaris, Agnon, and Lupina. My team gets wiped out. Send in a third team, and Ferno is back!! Shouldn't Ferno remain gone for all future attempts at this tower floor if consumed by Zomm? (or Hopper, or Leo?)


  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    We'll look into this, thanks for bringing it to our attention!
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • @Joel, this is the same issue that has been plaguing the Tower for several months now, that was being looked into. Your response seems to indicate that this has never been noticed before, why when it has been reported previously? Has this bug been being looked at for months now as we’be been told or not?
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Oh whoops, that one is in our system already. I misread it at first and thought it was something new, sorry about that!
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Thank you, glad to know it is being looked at, any ETA on a fix?
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    I can't give a particular ETA, but I can assure you it's on our radar! :)
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Ahah! I’m not the only one who complains about helpful bugs!
  • I’m not sure how it is beneficial for a dead Tower defender to return randomly with full health and energy. I have never seen it happen with my team.
  • Oops. I read that wrong. \(oo’)/
  • I just had this same bug happen to me. 11th floor of tower fighting GoreTusk, Lilly, Agnon, and Solaris. My undead team went in and I removed Agnon with Zomm's Taste for Brains. Lilly's vines killed my undead team. My next team of 4 goes against the expected GT, Lilly, Solaris lineup but gets wiped out. When I reentered that floor again, Agnon is back and at full strength. He destroys my team with one terrorstorm - and he and Lilly proceed to destroy almost all of my remaining roster. I lucked out with my last surviving team and barely came away with a tower victory.

    Tower is enough of a challenge without completely removed opponents coming back at full strength and exacting their vengeance. If I never have this happen again, I would be a happy little gamer :)
  • I've only had this happen once... ...after the first time I stopped doing tower :/
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